New Dark Knight Rises trailer makes me drool

Via Warner Brothers’ official Youtube page:

If DC wants to catch up to Marvel in terms of movie supremacy, they need to give Nolan anything he wants for Justice League.


One thought on “New Dark Knight Rises trailer makes me drool

  1. Oh gosh. Yes. I watched this trailer last night and I was tingling with pure excitement.

    Gotta say, the flying Batmobile isn’t my favorite. In the comics, it always seemed really overkill to me. I prefer that the cars drive, and the planes fly. Just keep it simple. But it’s not really even bothering me anymore from what I see of it here. I trust Nolan will do an excellent job with it and not make it stupid.

    My original main fear of this movie was how Catwoman was going to be done. Even though I trust Nolan and Anne Hathaway is one of my favorite actresses, I’m extremely touchy on how Catwoman is presented. She’s been a role model of mine since before I even knew who Batman was. But may I just say, the more I see of her in this movie, the more I love her.

    Counting down the days to the midnight premier. Long live the B-Man.

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