Magical Mondays: The Mundane and the Magical in Welcome to Night Vale

A small desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and the mundane is more awe-inspiring and wonderful than the magical horrors we see every day. Welcome to Night Vale.

mza_7086226647782067744.600x600-75Welcome back, viewers. It’s time for another Magical Mondays, and today I will be discussing how the magical surrealist nature of Welcome to Night Vale’s storytelling actually makes the mundane things that we experience every day seem more magical.

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Teen Wolf: “Illuminated” Review

7165044izdsoxmuAnother Moonday has come and gone, so it’s time to review the latest episode of Teen Wolf!

A lot of things happened this episode—there were scary Death Eater guys, characters were topless and painting each other, and Derek wore a shirt that wasn’t black or grey. Oh, and also, the Death Eater-like guys might be trying to kill our heroes, and one of your favorite characters might actually be a bad guy.

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Generation Avex: GLAM’s Party (XXO)

Once again, the Mnet charts are dreadfully boring, and as we come ever closer to Valentine’s Day I fear this will continue to be the case. However, as I’m not in the mood for banal love songs nor interested in the surprising comeback song from Rain (seriously, he’s still making music?), I initially thought I would need to dig deep for this post. You can thank Lady Geek Girl herself for preventing that from happening—or you can thank my laziness, anyway.

Kpop GLAMTwo years ago in July the girl group GLAM—shortened from ‘Girls be Ambitious’—released their first single, Party (XXO) to moderate success. Or at least I’m assuming it was moderately successful, because last year they had a comeback single. Even so, outside of Party, I haven’t heard anything from them or anything about the group at all, which is really a shame. It’s true that they’re a talented group of women, but what’s even more important about them is that in an industry inundated with tradition gender roles when pertaining to romance, GLAM took the bold move to make an entirely LGBTQ+ inclusive song.

Are you excited? You should be.

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Sexualized Saturdays: Derek Hale

Teen Wolf Season 3B is almost here and I said I would address the possibility of Sterek happening before the premiere. I have already discussed Stiles’s sexuality, so now let’s take a look at Derek.

TeenWolfSeason3I mentioned with Stiles that one of the reasons I love his character is that the question about Stiles’s sexuality is out in the open, where with most other characters and pairings there is nothing but subtext. Stiles’s questions about whether gay guys are attracted to him and his flirtations with Danny, while not explicit, set up the potential for a natural build to Stiles being revealed to be bisexual. Most other characters, in contrast, have some queer subtext, but it’s mostly used to queerbait fans of the show. With Sterek, there seems to be nothing but subtext, but I don’t see this as a huge loss. I fully support Derek and Stiles not being a couple as long as I still get a bisexual Stiles. But if Sterek doesn’t happen, does that mean there really is no hope for a queer Derek? Well… not necessarily. Continue reading

Sexualized Saturdays: The Failings of Reddit

Sadly, Santa decided that Christmas was the best time to gift me a horrible chest cold. As such, I have been stuck in my bed most of this Christmas break, surfing the web for things to entertain me.

reddit-alienNow, while I already knew about the popular social aggregation site Reddit, I never spent much time there other than the home page. So, I did some digging through the subreddits, and I was discouraged by the general lack of any conversations over LGBTQ+ issues as it pertains to geekdom.

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Deadpool is Pansexual, But I’m Not Excited About It

Recently Deadpool writer Gerry Duggan said this about Deadpool’s sexuality:

tumblr_inline_mx9flcNaPY1qeimwqThis was followed by:

tumblr_inline_mxaocvbhX31qeimwqAnd while I’m pleased that a character who is extremely masculine and beloved by dudebros the world over is not actually heterosexual, as a pansexual woman I’m a bit annoyed.

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Magical Mondays: That Duel That Never Happened

Ah, Magical Mondays, you and I are going to get really friendly.

Gellert_Grindelwald_and_Albus_DumbledoreFor those who don’t know, I started my geek-writing career at Mugglenet, where I wrote bits on Harry Potter. I stopped right after Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince came out, so there are still countless arguments I have yet to make. I plan on making them here.

For starters, I would like to talk about the duel between Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald. This is a topic that rarely is discussed, and I’m not sure why. Harry Potter spoilers after the jump.

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Sexualized Saturdays: Stiles Stilinski

Teen-Wolf-Season-3-Episode-10-The-Overlooked-Stiles-DerekTeen Wolf is returning to television in January and so I thought I’d celebrate that fact by discussing the sexuality of Stiles and Derek. We have discussed the Sterek pairing before, but we’ve never analyzed the characters as we have with others in the past. So without further ado, let’s discuss the likelihood of Derek and Stiles actually hooking up, or at least not being straight.

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Minority Villains! Minority Villains…

3396453-mystique-x-men-25756866-1280-1024As a feminist who critiques pop culture, I often struggle with lady villains, queer villains, disabled villains, and villains of color. The reason for this is pretty simple. On the one hand, villains can be dynamic, interesting characters and I love seeing minority characters in such a role. Villains are great, fun characters who are often more relatable than the hero, and fandoms do tend to latch onto and be protective of their favorite villains. On the other hand, when almost every TV show I watch only (or mostly) has minority characters filling the role of the villain, it often speaks to the terrible prejudice in our society.

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Web Crush Wednesdays: The Season of Giving

As the holidays loom ever closer, the part of us that is so over all the never-ending choruses of carols is constantly at war with the parts of us that try to keep the cheer of the season in the forefronts of our minds. While it’s easy to slip into the familiar mindset of Scrooge and the Grinch, I implore you to allow this year to be a year of giving. Of course, this site being all about geeks, nerds, and all the lovely in-betweeners, I’ve found a couple sites for you that fit with our theme and exemplify the giving spirit.

webcrush picFirst up is Fandom 4 Causes: a website that simply wants to bring people of a like charitable mind together to participate in a variety of causes. Fandom 4 Causes reports on charities from both a global level and a community level. It’s an interesting touch, I think, and really gives the sense that fandom is a community where people care about their fictional characters just as much as the well-being of their own neighbors. Since the site runs off user-submitted ideas, it’s also a great place to submit causes that are important to you personally. It’s a great resource to take advantage of!

Second is The Box Scene Project. As we’ve discussed many times on this site, fandom usually takes it upon themselves to add into canon what has been unfortunately left out, usually taking the form of little to no representation for people of color or for QUILTBAG characters. So, what better way to show support, ally or otherwise, than to help donate to causes that aid marginalized groups? The Box Scene Project doesn’t stop there; check out some of the things they’ve done:

The Box Scene Project is a fan-based non-profit organization. Our mission is to achieve equal representation for LGBT*/minority characters, actors, and issues on network television.

Since our inception, we demonstrated fan support for equal representation by successfully lobbying for the release of a deleted scene between TV’s most popular gay teen couple, and raising over $100,000 for charity by offering fans prizes and items from their favorite diverse celebrities and television shows.

An admirable goal, I think. And while a little less open-ended than Fandom 4 Causes, it’s still a worthwhile project.

None of us can avoid the negative feelings that surround the perception of fandoms, and in some cases, it is warranted. However, by no means should that stop anyone from trying to make it better. Fandoms can come together and achieve some really great things, especially in terms of charity. Even if you don’t feel comfortable donating in the name of fandom, or you just don’t care to, I encourage you to donate this season anyways. There are tons of causes that would appreciate it, and truly every little bit helps.

Warning: you may get a feeling of the warm fuzzies after doing so

Warning: you may get a feeling of the warm fuzzies after doing so.