Happy Thanksgiving!!

Things we are thankful for here at Lady Geek Girl and Friends:

-       The Thanksgiving Day Buffy episode. Watching it should be a tradition for any nerd family and remember, “to commemorate a past event you kill and eat an animal. It’s ritual sacrifice. With pie.”

-       Fanfiction. Wish your favorite character was gay, that men could get pregnant, that Harry Potter would go to Gotham City, or that cancer could be cured by running up a flight of stairs? Well then, you better damn well be thankful for fanfiction.

-       Milk. It makes cookies enjoyable.

-       The Wonder Woman Comic. Just about the only female character to walk away from the DC Comics reboot unscathed.

-       The Walking Dead. One of the only zombie stories that features characters that act like real people.

-       Joss Whedon. Marvel couldn’t have found a better man to direct.

-       Once Upon a Time. The best new TV show on basic cable.

-       Dr. Who. Who yesterday celebrated his 48th anniversary.

-       For William Shatner. Just because.

-       For Lisa and Meg. The only two recurring female characters to survive Supernatural.

-       For Minecraft. Making it possible to waste our lives more than ever, but have one hell of time while doing it.

-       For Ancient Aliens. They were totally at the first Thanksgiving you guys.

-       For South Park. For the joke above.

-       For all politicians against Protect-IP/SOPA.

-       For the original Transformers cartoon. For being a sanctuary from Michael Bay. 

-       For Avatar. It may just be Pocahontas in space, but it’s not a franchise, reboot, or a remake, and for that we are grateful.

-       For A Very GaGa Thanksgiving, which premieres tomorrow at 9:30 pm on ABC.

-       For the writers here at Lady Geek Girl and Friends. Thank you for providing us with awesome articles to read.

-       For our few viewers, subscribers, and followers. It’s people like you that make us want to keep writing.

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