Hannibal: “The Wrath of the Lamb” Review

hannibal season 3It’s been a truly wild ride, fellow fannibals, and let me be the first to say I’m glad to be with you all, here at the end of all things. There was no end to my speculation last week regarding how the finale would turn out, but I’m not sure if anyone could have predicted this particular ending.

Spoilers after the jump, and a trigger warning for suicide, gore, heavily implied auto-cannibalism, and other Hannibal-typical content.

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Oh, My Pop Culture Summon: Shiva from Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy games like to use a lot of religious references in their worldbuilding. From summon spells, monsters, plot, themes, and even to character names, they take a lot from numerous religions around the world. We’ve got Norse mythology, Shintoism, Abrahamic religions, and others all wrapped up in these games. Unfortunately, especially when it comes to monsters and summon spells, they don’t always use these references very well, and in some cases, they completely alter religious figures in order to make them suit a particular purpose in the story.

Shiva_Victory_PoseBecause the games take from so many religions and use them in so many ways, it’s hard to get a good grasp on whether or not they have a positive or negative portrayal of religion. As such, they end up with a grab-bag of religious themes—some of these are neat, others not so much. Falling into that latter category is Shiva, one of Final Fantasy’s more popular summons.

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The Nerdery of Things

We have become dragons. But not in a cool way.

Being a member of the geek community is full of ideas, debates, and experiences, but underneath it all, we are a community of things. Books, comics, toys, games, discs, shirts, accessories, posters, and more. Some of these are fun, useful, or deeply meaningful. But I’m not talking about those things.

I’m talking about the rest of it. The piles of once-read novels by mediocre authors creating licensed works. The keepsakes from a long-forgotten convention. Video games that only live because of the phrase “backward compatibility.”

In other words, we all curl up at night on our hoard of valuable, useless junk. Like a dragon sitting on a pile of gold coins you can’t spend on Amazon.

Illustration by Pauline Baynes in Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Illustration by Pauline Baynes in Voyage of the Dawn Treader

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Sexualized Saturdays: Fanfiction, Porn, and the Bigger Story

We here at Lady Geek Girl and Friends have analyzed fanfiction in a number of ways. We have discussed in particular how, despite what some people may believe, fanfiction is not just porn for women. And let me start off by saying I completely and utterly believe that; fanfiction is not just porn for girls. That’s not to say that erotic fanfic, or smutfic, doesn’t exist. And many fanfic readers enjoy reading them (myself included). However, many feminists have praised erotic fanfiction but talk about how evil or wrong live-action porn starring real people is. This attitude often seems to come off as people attacking porn but praising something that is almost exactly the same when it comes to fanfiction. I cannot speak for all women or all feminists, but I can at least talk about my own reasons for preferring erotic fanfiction over pornography. And this YouTube video in particular sums up many of the reasons I prefer fanfiction.

Trigger warning for rape below the jump.

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Noodle’s Killjoys Season 1 Review: Bounty Hunters In Space!

killjoys-teamThese days I try to limit the number of shows I watch, but it’s summer, most of the shows I watch are on hiatus, and a friend was gushing over this new show about bounty hunters in space called Killjoys. So, I decided to give it a shot. The pilot got me hooked. The first season just concluded and it was a fun and feels-inducing romp, introducing characters with mysterious pasts and setting up conspiracies.

Spoilers for the first season of Killjoys below.

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Fanfiction Fridays: A Settlement Between Enemies by quaquaquaqua

Severus SnapeA Settlement Between Enemies is another fic that I came across years ago, back when I first finished all seven Harry Potter books. As Severus Snape is, in fact, my favorite character, I jumped at just about any fanfic about him that I could. Settlement takes place right after Snape’s death, and he finds himself on the same ethereal version of Platform 9¾ where Harry spoke to Dumbledore. Only, the person waiting for Snape is none other than James Potter.

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Rin Plays: “The Descent” DLC

Dragon Age Inquisition The Descent“I’m leaving with more questions than answers.”

This is one of the last lines uttered by the Inquisitor at the end of Bioware’s newest DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition, “The Descent”. Where last time’s DLC took us to the high cliffs of the Frostback Mountains, this time the Inquisitor and crew head deep, deep underground to Orzammar’s Deep Roads—the place where all the darkspawn hang out and where Grey Wardens go to die, if you remember from the first game. After playing through the I-don’t-know-how-long DLC (probably around four hours if you’re sticking to story missions) I, too, have more questions than answers, least of all being “why doesn’t Bioware know how to make good DLC anymore?”

Spoilers for the entire DLC under the cut.

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