A Song of Ice and Fire: Honor vs. Morality

Ned Stark Game of ThronesWhat is the difference between honor and morality, and is one superior to the other? Before reading A Song of Ice and Fire, I didn’t think there was any real, clear answer to this question—after all, wouldn’t a moral person also be an honorable person? Furthermore, if someone has honor, we make the assumption that their honor must be based on the morality of their character. In other words, the two of them should go hand in hand.

Honor is a major theme within the books, and while a character’s honor may be praised, we can see throughout the course of the series that having honor doesn’t always mean having morals. And in some cases, having honor can be downright selfish or harmful to other people.

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Orphan Black: “The Stigmata of Progress” Review

orphan black season 4Our latest episode of Orphan Black was quite a stunner. I have a serious fear of going blind, and there’s a greater than average chance I’ll have to have some dental work done soon, and thanks to this episode, now, I… really don’t want to do that. I didn’t realize this season of Orphan Black was going to have to come with a trigger warning for body horror every single episode.

Having said that, uh, spoilers and body horror after the jump.

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Fanfiction Fridays: how… did you tell your friends by sburbanite

“Do you honestly think he hasn’t figured it out by now?”

Karkat looks pointedly at Egbert, who’s talking animatedly to Roxy on the other side of the clearing. With the light filtering prettily through the leaves, they look a picture of heterosexual bliss. It’s the final shot of dozens of Karkat’s terrible Rom-coms, a textbook “happily ever after” pose with the couple giggling contentedly at each other’s jokes. Knowing those two they’re probably dirty jokes, shit you’d never say in polite company, but somehow that’s even more perfect. You want that. You want to sit with Karkat’s head in your lap and talk about bullshit until the sun sets, but you can’t because you’re a fucking coward.

It’s been a week since the dust of creation finally settled over your new paradise, and you still haven’t had ‘the talk’ with John. The ‘I like dudes as well as ladies, and that information is kinda pretty relevant since I’ve been dating Karkat over a year’ talk. A part of you wishes Egbert had the social skills to put two and two together and come up with the bright-red number four that’s been under his nose this whole time, but he obviously hasn’t. Even though you practically haven’t let Karkat out of your sight for the whole time you’ve been here, he just. Doesn’t. Get it.

“Are you kidding me?” You reply, flopping backward in a show of frustration. “Unless we start making out right in front of him, he’s not gonna notice a damn thing. He honest to God gave me a noogie yesterday and was all:

‘Jimeny jillikers, Dave! It’s great that you and Karkat are such awesome pals! I’m sorry I’ve been spending so much time with Roxy, but I’ll come hang out with you guys soon and we can have a bropalfriendfest and build a pillow fort’ or some equally dumb charming bullshit.”

You sigh, brushing your fringe out of your eyes and wondering how long the stupid victory message is going to be branded onto the sky.

“I have no idea how he’d feel if he knew what kind of shenanigans usually go down in one of our pillow forts, but I sincerely doubt he’d want to join in.”

When I went looking for a Homestuck fic to write about this week, I was just hoping to find something good. I wasn’t expecting to find one that hit me quite as personally as this one did.

act 7 davekat

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You’re Never Weird on the Internet: Embracing Weirdness in a World That May Not Understand It

You're Never Weird On The Internet CoverI hate memoirs.

No, that’s not exactly true—I dislike memoirs. Maybe it’s leftover annoyance over every creative writing class I’ve taken, but the genre has never warmed the cockles of my cold, cold heart. I’m just not the type to get inspired by “this abnormal happenstance happened to me, but this really generalized lesson is still applicable to you!” since, no, those lessons are generally not applicable to anyone outside of that situation. Maybe, again, it’s a curse of normalcy. And really, I didn’t expect much better after picking up Felicia Day’s recently released memoir You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost), but something spoke to me in that Barnes & Noble, or maybe (there’s a lot of uncertainty here) I just opened up—in my own abnormal happenstance—to the one page that would guarantee the book’s purchase.

I’ll be honest: I don’t exactly know how to go about reviewing a memoir. It’s not like I can really go about judging representation in their own lives, or say “wow, that was totally unrealistic” because, obviously, it happened. For real. Not to mention that, personally, judging it as either “good” or “bad” seems like judging someone’s entire life, which no one has the right to do (unless they’re objectively bad in the “serial murderer leading a death cult” kind of way). The one conclusion I can come to, though, is that after everything’s said and done, it feels like Day is still trying to navigate through life, and while not always good, there’s something relatable and comforting about that.

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Throwback Thursdays: A Wrinkle in Time

I didn’t read A Wrinkle in Time for the first time until a few years ago. Part of this is probably because, although I know now that it’s a Newbery winner and is considered a classic, it was kind of a nonentity to me as a kid. Unlike series like the Oz books, the Narnia books, The Lord of the Rings series, or even the Dragonriders of Pern novels (which I probably read way too young, haaa), neither A Wrinkle in Time nor its sequels were ever placed in my orbit. I don’t even know if this series has a fandom. Do people have nostalgic feelings about reading this book as a kid? It’s a mystery to me. I do know, however, that they’re making a movie adaptation, and the fantastic Ava DuVernay has been tapped to direct, so I figured that now was a good time to revisit this bite-sized book and see what the big deal was.

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Knight Realms: A LARP that Doesn’t Suck

As some of you may recall, I’ve had a pretty meh experience with the LARP group Darkon over the last few months and was hoping to find something else to fill the elf-shaped hole in my life. Well, good news, friends: salvation has come in the form of Knight Realms, a high fantasy LARP organization in rural New Jersey. Besides having overall better game mechanics, facilities, and cohesive narratives, the social aspects of Knight Realms are much more positive than what I experienced with Darkon. Although the rules can seem dauntingly complex at first, the structure of the game and the overall culture of the community is very accommodating to new players, and after just two events I’ve got a pretty good handle on the system and I’ve been having a stellar time.

captain jackdaw

Captain Jackdaw is a good and honorable man. (x)

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Web Crush Wednesdays: Daughter of the Lilies

Usually I have some idea where my web crushes come from, but I’ve had Daughter of the Lilies in my to-read bookmarks for so long that I’ve completely forgotten where I first saw it or who might have recced it to me. (Please tell me if it was you, I wanna thank you.) I’m terrible at cleaning anything, digital or otherwise, and last month when I was once again futilely clicking around my bookmarks trying to get rid of some of them, I ended up procrastinating by reading this.

I make great life choices. Totally worth it. (via Daughter of the Lilies)

I make great life choices that are totally worth it every time. (via Daughter of the Lilies)

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