Trailer Tuesdays: Breaking Dawn

I realize that this trailer has probably been out for a while now, but I don’t really keep up with the hype anymore, or at all, for that matter. Unfortunately, this may not be the only time we’re ever going to see a Breaking Dawn trailer, because it’s quite possible that like Harry Potter, this may be a two-parter. Though, I’m not really sure what Breaking Dawn actually has to offer in order to make two movies.

While I am not a fan of the books or movies, I do admit that I like the trailers for the Twilight universe. My problem with the trailers is that since I’ve read all the books, I know how big of a lie all the epicness in the trailers actually is. The Twilight books don’t offer anything to an audience outside of an escape from reality. Sure, they can be entertaining, but they’re not good. The audience gets sucked into Bella’s life and goes through her everyday house-daughter routine. There are epic battles raging around her, werewolves and vampires, a love triangle, and so on and so forth. But despite all of that, nothing happens. Nothing. The books read more like a Livejournal account than a novel: Bella did this, Bella did that, and Bella just now suffered a heart attack after kissing her cold, abusive, scintillating, incandescent, golden-eyed, stalker boytoy.

There’s nothing there to advertise. But despite the blatant nothing that goes on in the series, a decent trailer has to be made in order to sell the movie.

Just watch the trailer. Like the books, nothing’s going on, but there’s an intense dramatic air to it. Yet the only thing to be seen for the first half minute or so is a bunch of people reading cards and walking from place to place with such passion, such intent, as though something interesting might be happening in the next room.

Throughout all the Twilight books—all of them—nothing ever happens until the very end, and this movie, judging by the trailer, only covers the first half of the last book. What’s going to happen? How is the movie going to filter out the holes in Bella’s boring life in order to make something worth sitting in a theater for two and a half hours? Sadly, the answer is more than likely that it’s not.

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