Trailer Tuesdays: In Time

Welcome to another Trailer Tuesdays! Let’s talk about In Time.

I confess, I’m excited about this movie for one very simple reason: Cillian Murphy. I know, I know, I sound like a fangirl, but trust me when I say that this man isn’t in bad movies. I challenge you to think of one bad movie he’s in! You can’t! Because they don’t exist!


Besides the awesomeness that is Cillian Murphy, this movie is going to get all of its viewers because of Justin Timberlake. The draw he brings to anything he does is undeniable and I’d say at this point he has proven himself to be a fairly decent actor.

But what of our leading ladies, Olivia Wilde, who is mostly known for her role in House? Amanda Seyfried is the most notable female presence in the trailer, and I must admit I have enjoyed watching her act and seeing her skills as an actress grow. This looks to be her first more mature role, breaking from her usual high school or young girl roles, but will she be more than just Timberlake’s love interest. From the trailer, it looks like we might have a Bonnie and Clyde sort of relationship developing, but the focus of the movie is clearly on Timberlake. I only hope that Seyfried’s character is given time to develop so that she is not just the hero’s love interest.

As I said I am looking forward to this movie, and I’m really interested in how the movies portrays class discrimination, though at the same time I’m worried that this movie may just devolve into a scifi version of Robin Hood.

I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.

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