Trailer Tuesdays: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Yes, in case you’re wondering, FFXIII is apparently getting a sequel, on top of two other games being made to follow it up. While I personally found XIII to be enjoyable, and I didn’t hate it nearly as much as a lot of other people did, I can easily see why people didn’t like it. Having a dictionary as a guide to tell the audience what’s going on, instead of just showing them through the gameplay, doesn’t make a game fun; it makes it annoying. And being that XIII was completely boring for the first few hours before slowly—very slowly—becoming more interesting didn’t help.

Following up a mediocre Final Fantasy with a sequel is not something Square Enix is unfamiliar with. We had the same thing with Final Fantasy X, in which they produced a sequel that is best described as nothing more than a chick flick. X-2 was enjoyable, to an extent, I’ll give it that, but playing dress-up for the fifty hours it takes to beat the game moved too far away from the franchise and it was no longer deserving of its title.

I can only hope that XIII-2 will be better.