Not Just Your Problem Anymore

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s quite a controversy going on in the cartoon world. A controversy that has to do with a certain female cast member and her sexuality.  I am, of course, talking about the lovely Marceline, the vampire queen from the Cartoon Network series, Adventure Time.

Earlier this week, the episode “What was Missing” was released and, holy shit, the internet exploded! If you don’t know about Adventure Time the show is essentially about a young boy named Finn who travels the land and does hero-y things with his best friend Jake (a dog). It’s cute and silly. And immensely popular, which is why the execs at CN have this potential conundrum on their hands in the first place. But, I digress.

The episode stars the baddie, the Doorlord, as he traverses Princess Bubblegum’s kingdom stealing treasured trinkets from everyone. However, as Finn, Jake, Bubblegum, and Marceline chase after him, the Doorlord locks himself behind a door that “shall yield to no command save for a song from a genuine band.” Well, sounds like a good excuse to have a rockin’ party, no?

Marceline, being the only member of the group to have actually been in a band, steps up as lead and starts to rock out only to have her lyrics chastised by Bubblegum as being “too vulgar”. The queen of the vampires takes this as a personal affront and sings out her annoyances to the princess. By the end of the song though, it becomes clear that Marceline doesn’t actually hate the princess. On the contrary, she seems rather fond of her. And by fond I mean it’s apparent that Marceline has a crush on Princess Bubblegum. Even without shipping goggles it is impossible to miss. And therein lies the conflict.

The crush is not spurned by anyone in the duration of the episode and by the end it seems as if Bubblegum, too, has some feelings for Marceline—though to what extent isn’t elaborated on, it is still an 11 minute kid’s show after all. The thought of a completely non-sensationalized lesbian relationship in a children’s cartoon is exciting and a sign of progress as far as I’m concerned but the executives at Frederator Studios (the ones who write for the show) do not share the same sentiments. As of after the airing, they are systematically trying to wipe out all signs of the existence of this episode because… well, I don’t really know.

Is it too flamboyant? No. Does it disrupt the story? No. Is it going to destroy the mind of a million tiny impressionable babies who will weep one lone tear at the loss of their innocence? No, I’m pretty sure if franchises like Spongebob and Johnny Test haven’t done that already, the youth of tomorrow will still grow into fine adults. I hate to say it, but the studio seems to be a little bit homophobic here. Not even just that, but perhaps a little misogynistic as well (a group of female characters having a relationship outside of the main male!? Blasphemy!).

From the writings of some source (not exactly a credible one, alas!) the Bubbline—as it is called by fans—pairing is indeed considered for canon according to an official vlog, but as of now that video has been made private. Although other writers working at Frederator have expressed un-fondness of the way the two girls have been portrayed is said vlog. However, the source material lives on! Watch it yourself and make your own conclusions. Me? I’m just gonna sit here and sing “I’m Just Your Problem” to myself for the rest of my life.

Also, there is an interesting commentary that I found linked from askthecomposer’s Tumblr here, discussing the implicit non-problems of non-heteronormative romance in childrens cartoons (of course, using Adventure Time as an example).

Edit: A statement from Frederator Studios reads, “We felt it was too sensational and implied things that are just not the intention of show’s creator or crew. We regret it’s caused such a stir.” I realize that this kind of direction in a children’s show will undoubtedly cause a stir, as they put it, but by removing it I feel as though they are just making it worse.

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9 thoughts on “Not Just Your Problem Anymore

  1. When I watched the episode I was suprised yet so exited that they had the guts to put something like that I was literaly amazed it was like a breath of fresh air instead of the same old romance between a guy and a girl thank you for shaking it up a bit:)

    • Ha ha, I was pretty amazed too. I didn’t believe it at first, to be honest, but I’m so glad they tried to include a relationship like that! Hopefully it’s a gateway to having less traditional relationships being more accepted in the media.

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  3. im so glad someone has a brain that’s not so close-minded and old school! as of this being the 21st century if im correct the media still scorns gay marriages and opposite sex relationships as if its a disease, and use the excuse of religion, but that being said my counter-argument is that, if god didn’t approve of it in some way he wouldn’t have created it and i love marcy, ive seen every episode of adventure time ever created have all the DVDs all the merchandise and have memorized every song and word, im a super-fan girl and proud of it, and in fact im being marceline for Halloween and i hand painted my axe base guitar and everything, and my best friend who happens to be a girl (of course as am i) is going as marceline’s male counter part Marshall lee from the episode with Fiona and cake and that caused a stir at my high school and people immediately sent out to make fun of us asking if we were lesbians and although she is bi and i am bi curious, we have been best friends for years we count each other as sisters and what people don’t get is that what their doing is holding back keeping us in a way, in the 17th century even though these topics are considered highly controversial, and have been for years now i believe its time to bring in a new era of confidence in who you are and people need to face the fact that everyone deserves to find true love even if its with the opposite sex

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