Web Crush Wednesdays: DC Women Kicking Ass

It’s a new Web Crush Wednesdays and our kicking crush is the awesome blog DC Women Kicking Ass!

This blog not only gives up to date information about all of our favorite DC ladies, but also keeps geeks informed about the treatment of their favorite DC women. The blog is also extremely informative for anyone trying to learn more about comic book artists and writers (new and old) and what they brought to the world of DC and its women.

But don’t think this blog is just a news source, oh no, it also shares great fan art, answers various questions, and recently DC Women Kicking Ass held this years Kick Ass Tournament. It came down to Wonder Woman and Cassandra Cain. Wanna know who won? Then I suggest you hop on over and visit my latest web crush here. Follow DC Women Kicking Ass on Twitter too!