Trailer Tuesdays: Cabin in the Woods

It’s Trailer Tuesdays! Let’s talk about Cabin in the Woods!

I want to tell you that this trailer looks awesome and that I’m sure it will be amazing since Joss Whedon is producing it, because he always gives us strong female characters… but I can’t. Really the trailer just looks like the typical horror movie with the exception that someone is controlling what happens to the teenagers. Which would be interesting if the characters didn’t seem like the stereotypical cliched horror movie characters. However the trailer does make a point in telling you that “You think you know the story…” so that could very well be the point. Make everything look like the typical horror story, but then turn it on its head. While I’m not impressed with the trailer so far I am intrigued, which to this trailers credit, is what trailers are supposed to do. Joss Whedon hasn’t led me wrong before and the trailer is at least interesting enough to get me into the theater. Let’s hope this movie exceeds expectations and isn’t just another cliche.