Web Crush Wednesdays: The Geek Ideologies

It’s Web Crush Wednesdays and it’s time to talk about our latest web crush!

The Geek Ideologies is a relatively new website of tumblr sporting this tag line:

“We are geeks. We are family. We are a culture. We are everywhere and everyone. We Are Mighty!!”

This site promotes love, equality, acceptance, and the philosophies of the geek community by posting a new ideology everyday. And while the geek community may not always follow these ideologies there is no harm in continuing to promote and encourage such ideology within our community.

Here are some ideologies posted so far:

“The He-Man Women Haters Club is history.  Women are geeks as well, welcome them with kindness and openness, not with some sort of prerequisites.”

“‘Sometimes you have to roll the hard six.’  It takes dedication to see your idea become something larger.”

“A comic convention is sanctuary.  Treat it as such.  Respect everyone.  Have fun.”

“Bullying has always been a dark part of the geek and nerd culture.  However, bullying transcends all borders.  Please, if you are a parent, teach you children well.  Teach them to show respect to others.  And for us adults, try to be a bit more sensitive about things.  Bullying for some of us was a coming of age experience.  For the new generation, it has gotten so harsh that lives are ending far too soon.  We have the power to not only stop bullying, but also to heal the wounds.”

“Independent creators (musicians, artists, writers, bloggers, podcasters) do what they do because they love it.  When you pay for a mp3 download, book, or print, remember that the money you pay goes to help out pay the bills.  Unless they are giving you something for free, don’t steal.  And if you see them at a show or convention, thank them for what they do.”

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Web Crush now go check out The Geek Ideologies!