Trailer Tuesdays: The Hunger Games

Lady Saika here, hijacking your regularly scheduled Trailer Tuesdays to talk about the upcoming Hunger Games movie.

First, the trailer:

So I hadn’t read the books yet the first time I saw this trailer, (although I did have a basic idea of the plot) and I thought it looked pretty interesting.  Now that I have read the books, I’d definitely say that this movie looks like it will be both baller and true to the book.  Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss, in particular, seems to have that purely Katniss-y mix of naive hope and jaded determination down pat. And I love that they end the trailer with Rue’s four-note tune.

However, I has a curious, and this is it:  if the movie is as true to the book as it seems to be, how will it be able to scrape by with a PG-13 rating? The Hunger Games series is easily the most brutal series I’ve ever read, and even more people die (more children die) gory and horrific deaths in these three books than at the Battle of Hogwarts.  Hell, the climax of the first book features no less than two kids watching a third eaten alive by mutant wolves, and then almost committing joint suicide together.

Not that I want to watch that.  By no means do I want to actually see any of the brutal deaths happen. But I’d like to know how they scoot around it for the ratings.  And out of the three books, I liked Hunger Games the best, so I’m probably gonna go see this one.  And I’ll probably see Catching Fire, too, if the first is as good as it looks to be. (Mockingjay, on the other hand, pulled so many triggers I didn’t even know I had, that I’m not sure if I can sit through the third film, no matter how much they whitewash it.)

One thing that’s great about this series, though, is that it does have a strong female lead, and she has absolutely no time for romantic nonsense, she just wants to survive and get back to her family. That is a refreshing twist.  Hopefully you will enjoy this movie, dear readers – just be warned that it will probably be brutal, and you will cry.

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