Trailer Tuesdays: The Woman in Black

Welcome to another Trailer Tuesdays! Let’s look at The Woman in Black.

At first glance this trailer is really nothing special from any other horror movie. It’s got creepy dolls, creepy music, creepy rhyming, and my favorite, creepy children. But let’s be honest as to why all of us are filled with glee over a horror movie that seems relatively typical– Daniel Radcliffe.

I’m very excited to see Daniel Radcliffe in something that isn’t Harry Potter. He’s already made a name for himself in musical theatre and recently on SNL, but now we get to see him in another movie and that’s very exciting.

Daniel Radcliffe aside this particular horror does have some notable things going for it in the trailer. The trailer makes the movie seem like a slower more subtly scary movie, and not the more typical ones that are coming out now a days that either are filled with gore or filled with cheap scares that make you jump once and then you’re over it.

All in all the trailer isn’t amazing, but there is enough appeal to make me want to see this movie.

3 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesdays: The Woman in Black

  1. Movies like this creep me out. I’d like to see it because I suspect that Daniel is great in it, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to screw up my courage to do so.

  2. I want to see this quite a lot. I actually think it stands out a bit from supernatural thrillers of late in its setting first and foremost. Making it not present-day America is automatically a break from the norm, and second, it seems to be focusing on one character. Maybe it’s just because that one character is played by Daniel Radcliffe, but still it makes me think that I’m going to actually get to connect with said character and care whether he lives or dies, which is what I miss in many horror movies.

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