Sailor Stars Fandub

If you’re a fan of the English dub of Sailor Moon and were disappointed by the fact that the fifth and final season was never dubbed (I don’t care if that was over ten years ago, for some of us those wounds are never healed) then take heart! Fighter4Luv has been working on an incredibly high quality fandub of Sailor Stars. Check it out here:

I can’t say I’m a connoisseur of fandubs but from what few I’ve seen this is absolutely top-notch. The audio quality is good and remains consistent from voice-to-voice, the video quality is ripped from the remastered DVDs and therefore as high as can be for this twenty year-old show, and the voice actors are good at emoting and impersonating the original DiC VAs (much better than the replacements Cloverway found for the third and fourth¬†seasons of the show, but that’s hardly a feat).

The fandub’s greatest strength, in my opinion though, is its use of DiC’s music. I can’t tell you how my heart soared when I heard DiC’s background cues in these episodes and they are used so well. The show really feels like the first two seasons of the English dub, minus the “totally whack” 90s lingo. It’s a charm that was really missing from the Cloverway dub and made it feel like an entirely different show so I’m glad Fighter4Luv is bringing it back.

In addition to the music, adding to that DiC spirit of the show is F4L’s use of animated scene-changers and especially the “Sailor Says” segment at the end of the episode. I know it’s an unpopular opinion to hold, but I love the “Sailor Says” moral at the end of each episode and seeing them reinstated is really the cherry on top of this whole presentation.

As you can see from the release dates of the episodes on the website, this is a very slow-going project but it’s a really fantastic finished product that deserves any Moonie’s attention, so “Like” them on facebook, follow them on twitter, and just enjoy the show.

Sailor Moon says!