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I’m sure I am starting to sound like a book salesman by all the love I have for these authors, but I’m sure this time you will forgive me. The Thursday Next series is a series made for book lovers everywhere. It asks an important question almost all avid readers have asked themselves: How do the words on paper become images in my head? Through the (so far) six books in the series Jasper Fforde (not a typo, that’s just how Ffreaking awesome he is) creates a world very different from our own. In this world, literature is king and books are what people fight over, love, hate, and even worship. Technology is also more advanced. However this world is not perfect. For instance there is still television with all its mind numbing glory, there is war and struggle. There is a high tax on cheese and the giant corporation Goliath is always pushing its agenda on the general public. All is not lost though, because Thursday Next is here to set everything straight (well as straight as it can be).

Starting in the series as both single and in her mid-thirties, Thursday is already a bit different than most female main characters. She is a member of SO-27, the Literary Detectives. Armed with her badge, gun, and black leather jacket, Thursday is undoubtedly cool. Despite this coolness, she is not invincible. Thursday has problems like any other person. Her father, Colonel Next, is permanently time traveling, her pet dodo bird Pickwick wont listen, and her mother Tuesday just can’t seem to understand why Thursday isn’t married yet. It’s not all fun and games though. When things go wrong in the Outland (the real world) Thursday manages to escape to a place that most bibliophiles would give their good pair of reading glasses to go to: the BookWorld. After brusque training with Miss Havisham, Thursday ends up working for Jurisfiction, the policing agency within the BookWorld. There she battles the Minotaur, bookworms (less cuddly than they sound), grammasites, and other monsters. While still trying to dodge her outlander enemies, and recover from painful memories of the past, Thursday manages to convey an interesting, well-rounded, and strangely real person. If ever there was someone to be termed BAFM (Bad Ass Fucking Mother) she would be it. The first book is The Eyre Affair in this book you will find beloved characters from literature along with some new ones that will surely turn your page. Also check out Fforde’s Nursery Crime series and his latest book Shades of Grey. So what are you waiting for, an invitation? Get reading!

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