Aurelio Voltaire Goth Extraordinaire!

Bonjour mes petits belle les lecteurs!

Despite what my most likely incorrect French may lead you to believe, this post is not about the famous French philosopher. Non! I am writing about the beloved Goth musician Voltaire. I first became aware of Voltaire on a fateful day in the previously Goth/alternative clothing store Hot Topic. I was weighing the pros and cons of purchasing sparkly black nail polish when underneath a glittery skull notebook and a Grr shirt I spotted a little hardback book called What is Goth? Curious, I began to casually read the smudged black and red pages, expecting passages of misery and woe and maybe how to apply eyeliner. What I found was far more interesting. It began with “Please read this while I go pretend to kill myself.” Five minutes into picking up the book I was laughing so hard the spiky-faced girl behind the counter asked if I needed help. Imagine, getting help in a Hot Topic! I then bought the book which would change my view forever.

Voltaire begins What is Goth? with a short biography about himself. It includes being beaten by bullies, his love of Star Trek, tossing toast at Rocky, and living as a Goth stop motion animator in New York City. He also talks about becoming a Goth musician and how Goth became a term that defined him. The rest of the book is a shadowy trip through Gothdom, including dark dances, Gothic names, batty situations, and more than a few digs at the “mundanes” or “normal” people that like to give Goths a hard time. He discusses the differences between punks, Goths, and ravers and the different types of Goths you might encounter. The book is awesome and I highly recommend it.

Voltaire is not only an awesome writer though, he is also a musician. His first album, “The Devils Bris” is not only catchy, but hilarious as well. I recommend “When You’re Evil,” “The Man Upstairs” and “Ex Lover’s Lover.” His third album “BooHoo” features BRAINS! A song used on the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy in the “Little Rock of Horrors” episode. From this album I recommend that song, plus “Future Ex Girlfriend,” and “The Vampire Club.” There are many other albums, but I’ll let you find out about them yourself (there is even a country album). His latest album has a really long title that I will abridge as “Riding a Black Unicorn…” I heard a few of these songs, plus the other I mentioned in his latest concert in Pittsburgh. On a personal note I have actually met him in person and he is not only really nice and will give you a hug, he might even kiss you on the cheek!

Ahem, Voltaire also draws comic books featuring Deady the Malevolent Teddy, Chi-Chian, and his first comic Oh My Goth! He has also written a book called Paint It Black, which is a Goth interior decorating book where most of the instructions involve ultra flat black spray paint and an open area. He has also been on television shows and was once on FOX news of all things. He is also an animator and model maker. Damn, this guy does everything! Check him out! I sure will be.

Au revoir mes chéris!

Voltaire’s website, Voltaire on YouTube

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