Web Crush Wednesdays: Geek Therapy

Another day, another Web Crush!

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I’m a big supporter of therapy. Seeing a therapist is like seeing a doctor. Sometimes you just need a check every so often to make sure you are healthy.

It’s the same for geeks and nongeeks alike, but geek therapy is a different story.

Nongeeks out there are realizing how popular anything geek is and need help to up their G.Q.  I mean how are nongeeks supposed to pick up women if they don’t know the name of Jayne’s gun or what pwned means? They can’t. So they need the help of a geek therapist.

But geeks need help too. Like what if you’re a nerd but you’re boyfriend is a geek, or you can’t stop reciting movie lines, or you’re still distraught over the death of Steve Jobs. That’s right—therapist.

But you know who needs help the most. DC comic book writers. Those guys are insane.

I hope you enjoyed my latest Web Crush! Check out Comediva for more awesome videos!

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