Web Crush Wednesdays: Zero Punctuation

It’s time for another Web Crush Wednesdays! I hope you have a sense of humor because this week’s Web Crush is Zero Punctuation!

In honor of today’s Web Crush, I was going to use zero punctuation, but alas that would be hard to read. I also won’t be coming up with interesting and witty curses, because honestly I’m not that clever.

Anyway, do you hate bad video games? Do you wish you could avoid playing them? Well, so does Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, but he can’t stop because it’s his job at The Escapist magazine.

It all started when Croshaw created two reviews of The Darkness and Fables: The Lost Chapters and uploaded them on youtube. Not too long after he was hired by The Escapist and Zero Punctuation was born, becoming one of the sites most popular features.

Croshaw’s critical reviews are seen as harsh by some and brilliant by others. One thing is certain: if you listen to him you at least won’t be disappointed in a game as your expectations can only go up. Even people not very familiar with video games will find him interesting, funny, and informative!

One of the main reasons, however, that I enjoy Croshaw’s reviews is he takes the opinion (that I think a lot of video game reviewers take this day) that games should be good, and for a game to be good you don’t need big-breasted, half-naked women running around. Simply put, if you have a female character in your game, portraying that female character well is a good start to making a good game. Go figure.

I hope you all enjoyed my latest Web Crush!

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