Lord of the Rings: the Drinking Game

Lady Geek Girl and Friends presents a fun way to enjoy the Lord of the Rings movies (as if they weren’t enjoyable already): the LGG-Approved Drinking Game. Lady Saika has personally tested this with the movies’ extended editions and it was great fun (although she doesn’t recall …most of the third movie).

This is intended for a 9-12 hour marathon, so…don’t plan anything for the next day. We also revised the Finish Your Drink When rules into Take Three Drinks When rules, because NINE TO TWELVE HOURS.

And now, Da Roolz:

Before starting, all viewers must choose a character name.


  • Your character’s first or full name is said. (e.g. ‘Pippin’ or ‘Peregrin Took’)
  • There’s a close-up of the ring.
  • Frodo falls over.
  • Legolas looks off into the distance.
  • Legolas does something kick-arse.
  • Someone drinks on screen.
  • Gimli says something stereotypically dwarf-y.
  • A Ringwraith screams.
  • There’s a gay look, line, or implication between Frodo and Sam.
  • Gollum says “precious.”


  • A named character dies.
  • There’s a motivational speech. (Think Theoden before Minas Tirith, or Aragorn before the Black Gate.  Stand during the speech!)


  • During the “Share the load” scene, pass your drink right, take a sip, and pass it back.
  • Whenever Sting glows blue, drink ‘Elf Juice’ (see below for recipe)
  • You may attempt to quote lines in unison with the movie, but if you fuck it up, take three drinks.

*Elf Juice Recipe:

  • One alcoholic beverage.
  • Blue food coloring.

(Be creative. As long as it’s blue, you’re fine. Ours was lemonade, raspberry vodka, and food coloring. )

For some inspiration:

This is open to variations, so if you try something new, let us know what you added and how it went!

And remember: Lady Geek Girl and Friends does not advocate underage drinking, illegal activities, dying of alcohol poisoning, or thinking that one can simply walk into Mordor.

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