Awesome Things That Are Happening: Super Best Friends Forever

Super Best Friends Forever is a show that is part of Cartoon Network’s upcoming DC Nation lineup.  It is being headed by none other than the wonderful and tremendous Lauren Faust, the mastermind behind the magnificent My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series. (If I remember correctly, this show is actually the reason she stepped down from her post as Queen of MLP.)

Little is known about the show yet outside of the title and the main characters (Supergirl, Wondergirl, and Batgirl, obviously) but I can say with certainty that this show is going to be a hit.  Faust has already proven that she is a boss when it comes to putting a fresh spin on well-known franchises and when it comes to portraying realistic friendships between girls.  I don’t know anything about DC canon outside of what I soak up from being friends with Lady Geek Girl, but I’m still going to check out this show, and I’m sure scads of other bronies will too. (Big round of applause to Faust for creating, however inadvertently, a fanbase that doesn’t care about gender demographics and will watch shows based on quality rather than societally-enforced gender boxes!)

But anyway, I’m looking forward to this and so should you! (And when the positive ratings start rolling in, maybe DC will take the hint that its consumers enjoy seeing positive portayals of comics women – I’m looking at you, new 52.)

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