I love these people

I really couldn’t think of something to post this week, despite the fact that I have a word document full of ideas for things to write about on this blog. Unfortunately they all required more time than I was able to invest this week, so thankfully the ever-amazing Carlos Pena Jr. came to my rescue and posted this mishmash of awesome:

I’ve never heard this song before but I can’t stop listening to it now and I love this video so much that I’m still sitting here with a goofy smile on my face after watching it three times in the last hour and a half. It’s basically a random assortment of tweendom stars from Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and mainstream music just dancing around and having fun and while I know that probably doesn’t appeal to a great number of folks who frequent this blog it is something that I adore and want to share.

As I mentioned, the video was posted by Carlos Pena Jr. who is one of the four members of the band Big Time Rush which I am sure to post about many, many times in the future. (That list of post ideas I mentioned? Twelve of them are related to BTR) I won’t gush about Carlos too much here but I will say that he’s the most adorable, friendly, and genuine celebrity I know of and nothing makes me happier than seeing him post a new video. Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, and Dustin Belt (DBelt isn’t an official member of the band but he used to be in a band with Kendall and has become BTR’s most featured musician) are the other Rushers present in this video, the only member missing being James Maslow.

From the Disney Channel troupe we’ve got Ashley Tisdale of ‘High School Musical’, Moises Arias of various featured roles, and Selena Gomez of “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

The biggest star here though is obviously Justin Bieber who I have to say I really like. Not so much his music because I haven’t listened to much of it (I love “Never Say Never” though) but more of how positive a role model I think he is for kids and as an educator that really is something that I value.

So please watch and enjoy! If for nothing other than the fact that it’s fun.

8 thoughts on “I love these people

  1. I actually really liked this. They all seem like real, fun teenagers in this rather than the sort of pseudogrownup plastic pretend people they come off as in the media.

  2. Hi! I love this song too! And I’m a huge fan of Nickelodeon and Disney as well, including BTR, of course! Please follow my blog? Thanks.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I just checked out the most recent entries on you blog and it looks interesting, I’ll certainly follow 🙂

  3. i hate to say it but justin beiber hasnt been a very good rolemodel as of recently at all. last i heard on the radio he was calling out selena gomez as ‘too curvy’ for him :\ plus correct me if im wrong ( because im not sure) but i also heard that he got yet another girl pregnant..uh. is that true? i know this post will come out way later than what you first posted this blog but i saw it and wanted to comment

    • Aw, that’s all news to me, and I’m sorry to hear it. At the time I wrote this article all I knew about Justin was that he was a hard worker who was fortunate enough to have received enough attention to pursue his dreams. There were rumors of a pregnancy but from what I heard it was all unfounded.

      If these new claims are true then I certainly would no longer consider him someone to admire.

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