Cosplay Questions: An Introduction

Hi again, readers! I am apparently a glutton for punishment, and my MLP series is winding down finally, so of course I’m picking up another topic that I’ve been desperately wanting to talk about: Cosplay.

Cosplay is a huge part of my life (it’s even a bit of a profession) and I know all of sorts people who do all sorts of cosplay. I’ve been cosplaying since 2005 (ohgod that’s so long ago) when I made my first costume (Lirin, from Saiyuki).  I’ve grown both as a costume-maker and a cosplayer since then, and this upcoming April I’ll be attending my fifteenth convention. I’ve gone from a lone cosplayer to the fearless leader of a group of loyal cosplay friends/minions with whom I’ve done groups as large as the Ouran Host Club.

In this series I want to look at a number of topics within the realm of cosplay, from why people do it, to cosplay’s connection to sexuality and gender expression, to the problem of objectification in cosplay.  This series is going to be a bit more open-ended than the last – I’m not going to preset any particular number of posts and topics before I begin – so if you have any ideas for a future cosplay post, let me know! I’d love to write about it.

6 thoughts on “Cosplay Questions: An Introduction

  1. err hello X3 *Is 5yo Lambo in pic* I feel really derp for acting so in-characteristically well, derp around you now XD you seem super legit o-o *bows+follows* im excited to see more posts and stuff from y’all now ^^
    P.S. Do y’all have a DeviantART?

    • Omigosh, I’m so excited that you found us! Your in-characterness was seriously the joy of our Ohayocon, we were so happy (so don’t feel derpy)! (And unfortunately we don’t have a deviantar… >.>)

      • Oh good im glad ^^ It was my first time being Lambo and i was worried i was being over the top with him~ >w< I had no idea y'all where a group i thought you all just found each other XD i wish my group would do KHR with me TT^TT i love love all your cosplays and your commition site is awesome btw ;D

        • The Byakuran who was with us was someone we’d met there, but the Bianchi and the I-Pin were mine. 🙂

          I basically held down all my friends and made them read KHR after I did so that they’d agree to cosplay it with me. >.<

          And thank you! 😀 We put a lot of work into it (both the cosplays and the website) ;D

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