Fanfiction Fridays: Training Day by quirkysmuse

Fanfiction! The world of fanfiction is a pretty strange and varied place. I can’t think of any other place on the internet where I can find stories about sweet fluffy domestic schmoop and the very next story I scroll to will be about hardcore porn complete with bloodletting and bondage. Hey, whatever floats your boat; I’m not trying to judge here.

The only judgment I am making is whether or not a fic is good. What makes a fic good? Well, your qualifications may differ from mine, but here are what I would consider a couple standards for what makes a fic good.

—Well written, meaning pretty decent spelling and grammar. Perfection is not required, but any errors in the fic shouldn’t be bad enough to seriously distract the reader from the story.

—Characters should be in character, meaning the characters should act like the characters from the book or show they come from. This does not apply to original characters or canon characters that are barely in the book or show.

—The story should be interesting. Obviously this last one is subjective, but hey, I am picking the fic here!

So with these criteria in mind, let’s talk about a fic that I think follows these rules.

Training Day by quirkysmuse is a crossover fic, meaning it takes two different fandoms and puts them together to make one cohesive story. Crossovers are notoriously hard to write. People try, oh boy do they try, but Ash Catchem hanging with Harry Potter never really seems believable even in a fanfic, but pick the right fandoms and get the right author and you have a potentially great fic. Training Day is that fic!

Training Day was written for a crossover challenge. It pairs Heroes and Supernatural together pretty seamlessly, making it seem as if the two universes were always meant to exist together.

The story takes place after Adam Monroe’s death in season three of Heroes. Adam finds himself suddenly in a restaurant taking to Tessa, a reaper from Supernatural. Tessa explains that after several reapers were killed (in season four of Supernatural) Death needed some new reapers and Adam has been handpicked to be the newest reaper.

The rest of the fic depicts Adam learning to be a reaper, eventually culminating in Adam having to once again face his nemesis Hiro, while he is having a near death experience.

Probably one of the things I like best about this fic is that the story fits exceedingly well into both canons of each show. The author explains why Adam is meeting Tessa and then even uses the flow of that story to explain why Adam appears during Hiro’s near death experience in the actual show. Instead of Adam appearing because of some fever dream Hiro is having while near death, Adam appears because he is actually a reaper and it’s his job. Awesome, and a great way to tie in the two universes as well as connect the fic back to canon.

Adam is perfectly in character and so is Tessa. Though to be fair, she isn’t really in Supernatural enough for me to really say much about her character, but Tessa acts like a reaper. She’s methodical, distant, but at the same time compassionate to those she is reaping. As distant as she is toward Adam throughout the fic, she also seems to develop a fondness toward him, making their interactions believable and, dare I say, sweet near the end.

It’s a great fic and the winner of the crossover challenge it was written for. Go read it and you’ll understand why.