Give Up The Ghost

I like ghost shows. There is nothing I like to do more in the winter than to make some popcorn, snuggle under my electric blanket, drink hot cocoa, and watch people run around with night vision cameras yelling “What was that?” and “SOMETHING JUST TOUCHED ME!” Though I myself have never seen a ghost or a demon in real life, I still believe that they could exist. What could be better than the unknown becoming known? At first I was excited; more shows equals more time spent capturing paranormal footage right? Not so much. The shows are often well…silly and not in the “we are in on the joke” silly, more like “very annoying, want to punch you in your stupid face” silly. Arming them with flashlights, cameras, tape recorders, and E-meters (which are supposed to track electrical something or other) they throw these people (who literally make their living from investigating paranormal activities) into an abandoned building and tell them to find a spirit. Of course things hardly ever pan out, half the time they catch “orbs” (that look suspiciously like moths) or their equipment malfunctions. They attribute all of this to ghosts. The other half of the time if they actually feel, hear, or see something that is possibly paranormal the audience suddenly hears them scream bleeped out obscenities and we get a lovely view of their feet running out the door. YOU ARE INVESTIGATING THE PARANORMAL AND HAVE AT LEAST FOUR CAMERAS BETWEEN YOU AND THE CAMERAMEN, VIDEO TAPE IT YOU IDIOTS!

Before, the shows would either involve people who had studied the paranormal for many years and had done extensive background research on the place they were investigating, or the show was reenactments of actual paranormal experiences, it concentrated more on the personal effects of the haunting on the people involved. Best of all, the shows were only usually half an hour, unless it was a special episode. Listen TV executives, I’m glad you are beginning to cater to my generations macabre needs, however if you want to make money, you have to pick people who are actually going to do their job right. I watch these shows to be scared, to be enthralled in the story, to see people put aside their fears and face the darkness with a hunger to learn what lies behind it. If you can’t find them, at least hire someone who has an actual personality. These current people are boring. Oh, and History channel? Go back to talking about old guns and Hitler. You are not the prophecies, paranormal, and conspiracy theories channel. You are the History channel, talk about history. If I wanted to watch a show about what might happen in 2012 I’ll watch the channel where that belongs: SyFy.

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