Manga Mondays: Ibitsu

Every year when March arrives I am sorely tempted to overuse the phrase “beware the ides of March”, not because there’s anything to be wary of, but because it sounds awesome and ominous. However, this month the urge is rearing its head with more reason than ever. Yes, it seems like this is becoming another month where I indulge myself in reading as many creepy things as possible. This first became apparent while my friends and I were RP-ing a haunted house / Saw scenario while I was listening to the Lavender Town theme from Pokémon. We were trying to get into the mood of being creeped out and one of my friends suggested a couple of manga.

Well, who am I to refuse such an offer?

Though I can get through a lot of creepy and guro (meaning “grotesque”) manga, there was something about Ibitsu by Haruto Ryo that was hideously unsettling in the best possible way. The main story focuses on one young man, Kazuki Itou, who just so happens to make a very unfortunate mistake. While taking out the trash one night, he runs into a mussed up Lolita sitting in the trash pile, holding onto a stuffed rabbit. He tries his best to ignore her, but is compelled to answer when she asks, “Do you have a little sister?” He says he does, and that is where the trouble begins. Not long after, she comes banging on his door trying to become his perfect little sister. Methods of doing so include: feeding him stray animals, self-mutilation, and trying to kill his actual little sister. Isn’t that just precious?

The hard thing about reviewing a manga like this is that I can’t say too much more about it without giving the entire thing away. Which makes for a rather short review. It also doesn’t help that the series is only about 13 chapters long (only about 3 volumes, maybe). I will say that the characters are a little flat, but the mystery and peril surrounding them flesh them out to what is needed. I do highly recommend you read it as it relies a little more on psychology that just straight up brutality. Stay tuned in for my next manga review which will be much longer (I promise) as we review another creepy manga! Those ides aren’t going to be here forever, after all.


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  2. Well I read this manga recently and I think it’s a good mix between yandere stalkers and youkai (demons like kuchisake-onna) since the lolita starts her “game” with a question like kuchisake (whose question is “I am pretty?”)

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