Trailer Tuesdays: Doctor Who Series 7!

You guys, this is just not fair. We are given this awesome, creepy, funny, -dare I say- cool trailer, and there are still like six months before we get to actually watch this season.

Down to the nitty gritty: A close watching of the trailer reveals cyborgs, stetsons, Egyptians, explosions, swords, guns, a guy who looks vaguely like Mickey Smith but couldn’t possibly be, and, of course, Eleven being clever and snarky all over the damn place.

As an aside, though: how will Amy and Rory rejoin Team TARDIS? Why do they have to? I know Moffat has tweeted that they will be gone for finally in a Weeping Angel storyline in episode 5, but I was honestly happy with the way they went out last season. Oh well.

Anyway, get excited, Whovians! Our first glimpse of the 50th Anniversary series has arrived!