TV Review: Once Upon a Time

Around New Years, my dad had recorded the entire TV series Once Upon a Time and insisted that my entire family (my brother, mother, puppy, and I) watch it because a coworker of his had recommended it. I decided to sit and watch it, expecting it to be something I had seen before that non-fantasy people would find interesting and new. I was wrong.

Once Upon a Time tells the story of a woman named Emma (aka: Cameron from House) as she arrives in a town called Storybrooke where all fairytale characters live like normal people. This is due to a curse cast by the evil queen (or in our world, the mayor Regina).  According to the story, Emma (who is actually the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White) is the only one who can break the spell and restore everyone back to Fairy Tale Land. For anyone who watched Lost, the format of the episodes is very similar to that: one episode about a specific character(s) each week with half focusing on the real world and the other half focusing on the character’s life in Fairy Tale Land. The story really lends itself to this format because you learn a lot about each character in both worlds.

One of the reasons I really like this series is Emma. Revise that, one of the main reasons I like this series is because there are a lot of strong female characters, none of which require a prince charming. Emma is a badass who isn’t afraid to stand up to all of the town villains and constantly tries to do the right thing while still following the rules. Regina, the mayor and the evil queen who cursed everybody, is a cut-throat bitch; she plays some serious hard ball and I’ve gotta respect her for that.

The other reason I like this series is for Henry, Emma’s biological son and Regina’s adopted son (that’s where most of the real world drama comes from, in case you were wondering). He is adorable and I want all of my children to be so happy, imaginative, and unafraid to be themselves.

I’ve tried to review this series thus far without any spoilers, and if anyone wants to know more about this series I or any other blogger can go more into detail about certain parts. But the moral of the story is you should go watch this show because it is a lot of fun and has some badass leading ladies.

5 thoughts on “TV Review: Once Upon a Time

  1. I love Once Upon a Time. I was part of the test audience a year ago who got to see the pilot and review it, and I was so excited when they started advertising for the premiere! From the get go I have to admit that the abundance of female perspective has been refreshing, to say the least. I’m always glad to hear that it’s a quality perspective from quality women. I appreciate more than other things how the abundance of strong female characters doesn’t seem forced or preachy, so what male perspective there is can be itself as well. Great show, can’t wait to find out what happens, and let’s hope it can continue to avoid any serious, unbalanced, sexist controversies!

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