So I Hear You Don’t Play Video Games

So I’ve decided to work a new series of posts, which will remain unspecified in length and will come out when I feel like writing them. I’m going to try and introduce some computer/video games for all those people who don’t like playing Halo 2 and World of Warcraft but feel that Solitaire isn’t exactly cutting it.

Our first game is called Bubbleshooter and you play it on your computer. Objective: Get rid of all of the bubbles. How to play: The game starts will a whole bunch of colored balls (or bubbles) hanging from the top of the screen. You have a gun that shoots different colored bubbles that you can shoot by pointing your mouse where you want the bubble to go and clicking. The bubbles only go in straight lines; they cannot go through other groups of bubbles, but they can bounce off walls. When a group of three or more bubbles of the same color get together, they poof away. So if there is a group of two green bubbles and you shoot a third green ball at it, they poof away. Now when you eliminate all of the bubbles of one color, that color stops coming back. Keep doing that until there are no more bubbles and you win! However, every couple of shots more bubbles show up. If your entire screen gets filled with bubbles, you lose.

For the more expert player: if you shoot a bubble at a large chain and destroy the chain at its base, the entire chain goes away because it is not attached to the top of the screen. So if you’re objective is getting rid of the bubbles as quickly and efficiently as possible, then you want to make the shots that get separate the most bubbles from the whole. But if you are like me, you are going for the high score; on the site I posted above, I have gotten the high score for the day. The way you do that is by eliminating all of the colors except two or three. Then, you just stall. You shoot so that you aren’t in danger of losing but aren’t trying to win. That way, it’s easy to get a lot of points.

So have fun you guys! I’ll post more games as they come to me!