Web Crush Wednesdays: Hannah Hart

Lookie here! It’s my first time doing a Web Crush Wednesday! Today’s Web Crush is youtube personality Hannah Hart!

Oof, too many exclamation points in the preamble. Sorry for that folks.

Today I bring you the hilarious Hannah Hart (alliteration makes it true) of youtube fame! I first encountered Hannah when a couple of my friends on facebook were discussing this video of hers:

I fell in love so fast!

Let me say that I am a huge fan of the Food Network and spend most of my time (especially back in my days of college all-nighters) watching the various cooking shows hosted there. Watching Hannah was like watching the Food Network’s rebel niece who’s part of the family business but clearly doing her own thing. I thought the fact that she was drunk would be a turn-off but she was actually very endearing rather than obnoxious and seriously made me laugh.

But! Hannah is not just a drunk host of a webshow. She’s creative:

What a catchy song. Also: “Let’s have a food fight/It’s morsel combat!” = GENIUS

She’s multi-cultural:

Canada has much to offer.

But most importantly, she’s intelligent:

Listen to her. She carries herself with grace and humor and makes very astute observations about how women are treated in any entertainment industry which includes youtube.

So that’s Hannah, my web crush for the week! Subscribe to her on youtube, follow her on twitter, or visit her website. I promise it’s worth it!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/myharto

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/@harto

Official Site: http://hartoandco.com/