Fanfiction Fridays: The unfinished Gilmore Girls fanfic of my dreams

Once upon a time I was an avid fan of the WB series “Gilmore Girls” which centered on the relationship of mother and daughter Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. While watching the show I fell in love with the relationship between Rory and her first boyfriend, Dean Forrester.

For the first few seasons I watched the show, loving it but knowing nothing of online fandom. Once I got into Harry Potter and looked up fansites and the like I encountered fanfiction and while I enjoyed it I wasn’t really captivated by anything. Then one day I thought:

Maybe there’s “Gilmore Girls” fanfiction.

Maybe, thought I, there’s fanfiction about Rory and Dean!

Well what was I to do but type “Rory and Dean Fanfiction” into google? There were various results and I started liking what I was seeing. Then I came to a website titled “Into Oblivion”, a website run by someone named BehrBeMine which collected fanfiction for Gilmore Girls, Dawson’s Creek, Roswell, and a fourth show I can no longer recall. Possibly Everwood? It was here that I discovered the story “Forgive Us Our Trespasses” written by the webmistress of the site, BehrBeMine herself. This story is set in the fourth season of the show, when Rory and Dean are older.

To set the time frame, in the series their relationship has been through much since their initial romance in the first two seasons and they’ve broken up rather painfully. Despite this, they’ve tried to remain close as both have gone on to new relationships and Dean even marries his new partner. Unfortunately neither Rory nor Dean is ready to let the other go and one night he commits the ultimate act of marital infidelity with Rory. It was a season finale cliffhanger and I imagine this story was written in that time (I didn’t discover it until later) as it’s at that point that it breaks from canon.

I began reading and was instantly drawn by how very real the characters felt. When the story opened on Lorelai and Rory bantering in Luke’s diner, a common scene in the show and therefore in fanfiction as well, I felt like I was reading an actual scene from the show. The back-and-forth between this mother and daughter was one of the show’s trademarks and very few writers have mastered it in fanfiction (hell, even in the last season or two of the show) but the witty give-and-take between the two characters was pitch-perfect in this opening chapter.

I read the available chapters and I can’t overstate how much I loved the story. I reviewed it and checked back daily for updates. The story gives the attention and characterization to Dean that Iwishthe show had. To see Dean’s character just annihilated by the show’s writers was painful and BehrBeMine’s writing gave him the sympathy I wanted to see. Her story doesn’t justify the act of adultery, but it gives Dean the voice to shed light on his emotions regarding his sins.

The updates came and I devoured them but unfortunately they began to slow. I had begun a friendship with the author as I read this and her other stories and from knowing her I am fairly certain this story will remain unfinished. Her life simply took her in a different direction.

I honestly can’t overstate how much I loved reading this story. Despite being incomplete I recommend it highly because…it captured my heart. I haven’t read it in years but just reading the first chapter to refresh my memory and thinking back to when I was actively reading it has caused my heart to swell up into my throat and feel the need to re-read it.