The Limits of Love and Toleration


There’s not going to be a lot of funny things or cute images in this post.  I am pissed and pontificating, so be forewarned if you were expecting a happy MLP post.

The world of memes is an odd one, and there are many that are creepy, sexist, racist, or downright disturbing. The recently-introduced Dolan is all of the above, depending on application.  Dolan is a poorly-drawn, psychopathic reimagination of Donald Duck, and the humor that comes out in Dolan rage comics tends to be anything but – graphic murder, rape ‘jokes’, and mental images that are just unpleasant and terrible, and which, like the Pedobear meme, seem to exist solely to push the boundaries of what is okay to say on the internet.

I don’t usually get involved with drama on other websites.  I’m a born-and-bred lurker, and, on sites like ICanHasCheesburger’s My Little Brony, I scroll past all the images and call it a day.  I hadn’t checked that page yet today, but a faithful follower of this blog and that page put me on the scent of one of the ickiest, most downright reprehensible things I have ever seen posted on that site.

Unfortunately at this point I must warn for rape triggers, something My Little Brony did not have the courtesy to do.

Among the crop of fresh images that was posted this morning was a Dolan comic crossed over (if you can call it that) with MLP.  The image depicted Dolan raping a crying Fluttershy while patting her head and saying ‘Shhh, love and tolerate’ (misspelled, of course, in true Dolan style). It was titled ‘Your Punishment For Abusing the Language Filter’. I will not be posting it or linking to it here.

Let me count the things that are wrong with this image.  First of all, pictures on any of the Cheezburger sites must be vetted through a voting process.  Judging from the comments on this particular image, it is not a picture that 99% of the bronies following this page would have upvoted to a point where it made the front page. This means that the mods of the site plucked this picture out of obscurity and gave it front-page status.  I am not going to say that the creator of this picture is faultless – they are sick as well to think this is in any way appropriate, even within the realm of trolling – but that the mods thought this was something acceptable for the front page is beyond the pale.  They censor out curse words in images/comics and yet feel it’s totally acceptable to post an actual image of brutal interspecies rape on the front page? That’s bucking ridiculous.

Secondly, the caption.  It is a slap in the face to bronies who actually embrace that mantra – love and tolerate – as it 1) suggests that Fluttershy should sit back and accept being violated and 2) says to the bronies who read it: “What are you going to do about this? You have to love and tolerate me – it’s what you believe, don’t abandon that!”  I know that the first, second, and third rules of the internet are ‘Don’t feed the trolls,’ ‘don’t feed the trolls’, and ‘don’t feed the trolls’, but to sit back and accept something like this is, in fact, unnacceptable. It is more in line with the values of MLP to vanquish something like this (through peaceful action, but to vanquish it nonetheless) rather than to sit back and tolerate its goings-on.

Finally, regarding the title.  Comments on Cheezburger pages have a language filter that can be got around with a number of html tricks or by simply saying ‘w3apon’ or ‘$hit’ or typing in binary instead of their fully-lettered alternatives.  (You can’t post comments which contain the actual words.) It’s highly unlikely that the original submitter of this image had used that title; it was probably changed by the mods because of frustration with policing comments. But the message it sends is just disgusting: “If you don’t do what we want you to, we will post pictures of sweet and innocent characters being sexually brutalized.” (It’s a sad irony that the dozens of bronies protesting the posting of this image could not even spell out rape (r@pe) because it was blocked by the filter.) I acknowledge that the language filter is a good idea in theory, but it’s far too easy to circumvent, and posting a picture of rape as a punishment for something as trivial as spelling ‘fuck’ fu( |< is.. I just don’t have words.

In reality, I doubt this picture was intended as ‘punishment’.  I can only assume that some mod thought it would get the site a lot of pageviews and comments.  In either case, however, that mod is a douchebag above and beyond regular douchebaggery, and has failed as both an internet moderator – we put our trust in mods to stop things like this from being posted, not to give them vindication – and as a human being.

This is how I feel. I need a drink.

EDITED TO ADD: The image in question has been taken down by the site, and this text has been posted in their banner: “Let’s call a truce! No more abusing filters and Fluttershy will remain out of harm’s way!”

This just serves to show that they do not regret using a disgusting and triggering image, and feel that we as a community have been taught a lesson through that use.  I am appalled that they are not showing any sort of regret about this incident and instead call for a truce, as though this was a war between people whose viewpoints are equally worthy, rather than a stand against calling filthy rape imagery ‘humor’. I know that for some of the bronies involved this was more about the langauge filter issue than the rape picture itself. Regardless of why we opposed the use of this picture, it still stand that this was an inappropriate and despicable use of mod power.

21 thoughts on “The Limits of Love and Toleration

  1. I am working on that foul post as we speak. The time for love and tolerance is over, it’s time to FIGHT! Mister Moderator has made a huge mistake, and sparked a revolution!

    (I must correct you, though, as I was one who was banned, there is a way to actually swear without 1337sp33k, but the mods noticed it and started handing out bans. The next day, this appears on front page. I suspect the mods actually drew it in the first place…)

  2. When I saw that image this morning I almost shot my laptop…I would rather give up Memebase then see that again. I was the L+T person for awile, but this is out of hand.

  3. Just because they removed it doesn’t mean that we are all happy and on good terms. They might do it again just because they feel like it…>_>

  4. There is Love and Tolerance, of course, but you must know that too much tolerance will lead to intolerance. (use google for info, is a bit long to explain)

    in short: you can’t tolerate everything. You cannot tolerate rape, Dolan Duck etc.
    This also goes for clopping. Why? Well… ever imagined what it must be like for a 6-year old girl trying to search pictures of Fluttershy on google images? That is the reason why I don’t tolerate cloppers.

    See? Not everything can be tolerated, because in the end, you will not tolerate anything that is in the way of ”love and tolerate” (lol?) and then you will get things like /b/.

    Love and tolerance is meant that you accept other people for being different, like having different opinions, different styles, different looks whatsoever. The mane 6 themselves are all totally different, but they can go along just fine. But when you damage other people, the tolerance must come to a halt.

    I hope you understand.

    • I understand what you’re saying. Tolerance is used by most bronies to mean ‘to accept the differences of others, even when you don’t agree’, not ‘to sit by while others are hurt or insulted’. To love and tolerate others involves (ironically) not tolerating people who hurt others.

  5. Thanks for that post, now that the post has been removed on My Little Brony, it’s important to inform people who missed it of what happened exactly.

    I’m basically like you, I check My Little Brony on a daily basis, browse the new pictures, and leave it at that, because I enjoy what the brony community comes up with most of the time, but this I could not let pass.

    The post didn’t actually get that many comments, and I’m guessing it was removed quickly enough to prevent it from getting too many views anyway. However, regarding why it was removed and the message they displayed then…

    I feel like they put such a message to save appearances and piss people off a bit more. They must have received quit a lot of e-mails about this particular entry, and though they probably wanted to say “ha, we won, you lost, serves you right”, I doubt they can really pretend that it was their victory…

  6. I am glad to have led and succeeded in a revolution. I think the truce thing is just their way of trying to cover their asses ’cause they got owned so hard.

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