Web Crush Wednesdays: Kaiser Mony

In the world of cosplay, sometimes you’re forced to see some pretty heinous things that make you give up hope for the art all together. However sometimes amidst the stitching and hair gel there’s one group or person that truly is inspiring. This week’s webcrush is KaiserMony!

webcrush pic

I first stumbled upon her when I was in the hardcore part of my Tales of the Abyss fandom phase, and completely ate up her cosplay of Jade Curtiss. From then on, I continued to watch her grow not only as a cosplay designer, but also as an artist. Seeing the evolution of both firsthand (…okay, through deviantArt) was extremely neat. Although not all of her cosplays are complicated, her attention to detail is what really sets her apart from some of the other cosplayers.

Besides being extremely talented, she’s also a sweetheart in real life and her journal updates are always a pleasure to read. I hope by looking through her gallery, you get as inspired as I did!

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