My Little Pony Finale: Does this friendship you speak of sneeze confetti?

So I’m going to write this post under the assumption that every pony has watched this by now.

Princess Celestia lost a friggin’ magic faceoff! What is the world coming to?!

Shining Armor: maybe it’s me, but he didn’t seem to have a real personality beyond the I’m-Twighly’s-big-brother. That might have something to do with the fact he was possessed by an evil changeling queen.

I like how Apple Jack put her hat back on during the wedding even though she already had something else on her head.

But when I thought about it, I wondered why girls are the ones depicted as having “wedding drama”. I’m not a married male, but I would assume that men go through anxiety before a wedding, and that this anxiety and ensuing “drama” shouldn’t be something that is solely attributed to women.

Also: The return of the party cannon! It is super effective!

I predicted that Twilight and evil changeling queen would have an epic faceoff and that Twilight would kick her butt, but that did not happen. As much as I love when the power of love triumphs, I would have preferred Twilight kicking more tail in this episode.

Oh, Spike planning a bachelor party…

I also noticed that while there were bridesmaids and a best mare, there was no best colt or anything of the sort. Doesn’t Shining Armor have any male friends?

All of the songs.

Now I will bid you all adieu. See you at the start of next season, every pony!

Quote of the episode:

Who in the hoof is that?!
—Twilight Sparkle