Rurouni Kenshin… Again

So maybe all of you readers out there remember that I wrote a Manga Mondays post on Rurouni Kenshin? Well, if that was not enough Rurouni Kenshin for you, I am happy to inform you that Watsuki is bringing it back. That’s right, he is writing the same series twice (you can check out the crunchy roll article here if you still do not believe). This new series will be coming out monthly in Jump SQ alongside Blue Exorcist and D. Gray-man.

All things considered, his new art style looks pretty awesome, so no complaints there. And considering the success (or lack thereof) he had with his other series Buso Renkin (that review is coming in Manga Mondays, I promise), maybe it isn’t the worst idea to do the same series twice; it did work the first time.

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