Manga Mondays: Did Someone say Boobs?

This week, I’m going to review History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi. It’s known by different names, like Mightiest Disciple, and the anime is just called Kenichi, but it’s all by the same author, Syun Matsuena and it is one bajillion chapters long right now.

Kenichi is your run-of-the-mill loser (very much like Tsuna from Katekyo Hitman Reborn) who gets in trouble with a bunch of run-the-mill thugs. The new girl at school, Miu, teaches him how to beat the thugs, and then Kenichi is all stoked on how to learn more fighting things. Miu, in response, brings him to her house, which is actually a dojo filled with the strongest, most cray-cray people alive. Right now, the story is in the middle of one giant arc about how Kenichi and his masters (who believe in not killing people) are trying to save the world from a complete and total takeover by Yami, the bad guys who don’t mind a dead body or a thousand.

So by now you are wondering where all the boobs are and what boobs have to do with this post. I first want to throw out that this series has a high number of kick ass females with strong personalities. Of course, they rip their clothes in revealing ways every five seconds. Every cover page to a chapter? Let’s draw someone in a bikini, or taking a bath, or let’s have a shot from in between her legs! It’s a little ridiculous. They had one picture of Miu drawn from in between her legs, but since she had no underwear on they had a scrap of fabric just floating around exactly where her it needed to be. This is every chapter. And for a series that actually does have strong female characters like Miu, Shiruge, Kisara, Kaname, Renka, and I’m forgetting five others, this is really sad.

So who is my favorite character? My fave is Apachai.

And did I mention he makes the best faces?

He’s like a little kid, except he’s a master of Muay Thai. And huge. And loves animals. In his childhood, he had a pet tiger. And like Kenshin saying “oro”, Apachai says “apa!” Out of all of the characters, he is the least tense and the least strange. Other than Kenichi, everyone except Apachai is either off their rocker a little (or a lot in some cases) or is tense as nut. Apachai is a breath of fresh air in a series where everyone is trying to beat everyone else up all of the time.

So this series exists. If you have a ton of free time you can read it. Would I recommend it? Well, that depends if you like boobs.

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