Trailer Tuesdays: The Amazing Spider-Man… Again

It’s Trailer Tuesdays again! Let’s talk about the new Amazing Spiderman Trailer!

I was less than whelmed when I saw some of the earlier trailers for The Amazing Spiderman. I don’t mind the idea of a reboot, or that Mary Jane isn’t in it, and I don’t even mind bringing in Peter’s parents, that’s actually kind of exciting.

No, what bothered me about the previous trailers is what bothered me about the old Spider-Man movies.

I love Spider-Man. He is one of my favorite superheroes. Do you know why? It’s because he was also so freaking funny. Spider-Man is a teenager so he’s constantly, cracking jokes, and making snide remarks that even gives people like Deadpool a run for their money in the hilarious department. This is really what made the Spider-Man comics for me, and I loved him even more in The Avenger comics. Peter’s light-hearted attitude that made him so funny was also what kept him going during rough times. Spider-Man has some story lines that are so depressing that even Batman doesn’t envy the guy, but Peter never turns into the angsty hero that Bruce Wayne is, because of his general optimistic attitude about the world. His humor and temperament is a reflection of that.

Yet in every movie Spider-Man is extremely emo! Why? Who is making these decisions? I demand to know!

Previous movies and previous trailers left me downhearted, thinking I would never see the Peter Parker of the comics on the big screen… until now!

This new trailer looks awesome and most importantly FINALLY gives me the hilarious Spider-Man I have been waiting for all my life.

Spider-Man, you have me sold! I’ll see you in July!

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