Web Crush Wednesdays: Flutiebear

I think you all know by now, but I really like video games. However, the extent to which I like them is vastly overshadowed by the community on tumblr. About half a year ago when I was on a really strong Dragon Age kick, I started looking for more. More about the characters. More about the settings, the lore, everything. And boy, did I find it. Due to her fabulous write-ups, I quickly became enamored with Ms. Flutiebear’s tumblr.

I started reading with her DA-ily challenges, in which she explores different questions. I’m sure you’ve all seen the ’30-day Challenge’ type questionnaire with things like “favorite character” and “most hated quest” for example. But wheras each question could have been answered in about a sentence each, she continues on and on getting deliciously meta. One of her favorite topics is the narrative style in Dragon Age 2, and due to reading these I have a much greater appreciation not only for the game itself, but also for the people behind the game.

Even if Dragon Age isn’t really your thing, she brings up marvelous points about characters and narration in general which I’m sure could help any writer at their art. She also runs a podcast now with one of her friends, Knickerweasels, which is a continuous exploration of the game verse along with a dose of feminism. Flutiebear also has a love for Supernatural, so if you’re interested in that show I’d take a look to see what this intelligent lady has to offer.

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