Theatre Thursdays: Do You Hear the Trailer Sing?!

Brace yourselves, mesdames et monsieurs, citoyens et citoyennes, gamins et gamines:

I have a really visceral response to anything about this movie. The first time I saw this trailer a few days ago, I may have cried a little, I was so overwhelmed. My exact response was “I WORDS AND HEAD EXPLODING”, which I think accurately sums up my feelings in the most coherent way possible.

The more level-headed Fiyero3305 has pointed out to me some issues with this movie, such as the fact that there are no French actors in an adaptation of a classic French novel and that the casting itself sort of just happened without much auditioning or anything, but I am just so happy that Taylor Swift isn’t Eponine that I am looking past that for now.

And this trailer in and of itself: I’m so happy that they chose to make Fantine the central feature of it, with her song tying together the myriad snippets of character introductions. I’m happy about the barricade and the way they managed to introduce most of the named characters in the trailer without it seeming crowded (Les Mis is a very crowded musical). I’m loving the scenery and the costumes and the—well, pretty much everything. Any thoughts on this from the peanut gallery?

15 thoughts on “Theatre Thursdays: Do You Hear the Trailer Sing?!

  1. This is my favorite musical ever, so I’m for sure excited, but on the other hand, this also seems sort of excessive and unnecessary. They’ve already done at least 2 film adaptations of this that I know of, both of which were great. I always prefer musicals on the stage anyway (Why not just adapt the novel?). But who knows… they could do something unique and original and blow my mind. I’ll definitely be there opening day though.

    • I’ve never seen either of the other film versions, although I’ve heard mixed things about them, honestly. (I’m a bit of a book-purist, so I have very pointed opinions about which things may and may not be left out of -any- adaptation…) But I’ll be there with bells (and my tricolour sash) on as soon as it opens, that I promise you. 😉

      • I’m the type of person that views adaptations purely as adaptations, so I can overlook a lot as long as the film holds its own and tells a compelling story in its own right, even if things get vastly changed. I like to think of film adaptations more as “odes”. After all, if I wanted to experience the book all over again, I would rather just read the book. Plus, Liam Neeson is awesome.

  2. I must admit that I love the look of this trailer though. The movie looks much brighter and more colorful than I thought it would. I anticipated a lot of that heavy blue filtering that movies tend to use to make things look ~dramatic~ so I definitely appreciate this.

    My last cynical comment will be that I have suspicions that IDAD was used less for tying in the characters and more for people to go “Oh hey, this is that musical with that song Susan Boyle sang!!”

    Regardless, I’ll be there to see the film and probably buy the soundtrack and DVD whether or not I even like the movie itself, lol.

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