Manga Mondays: Fate Stay-Night

So I’m aware that this series is also a video game for Play Station (1, 2 maybe?). But since I am a Nintendo girl, I have not played it. Anyway, a year or two ago I was fishing for a new series. My friend (who was the one who turned me into a Rurouni Kenshin addict) recommended Fate Stay-Night. It was the kind of series that is completely published but isn’t entirely online. But I’ve read everything on Mangareader and I’ve really enjoyed it.

Now, I’m going to try and write this without spoilers. This story is set in modern day Japan and the story follows Emiya, a typical middle-schooler who gets pulled into a magical war/competition over the Holy Grail. Each “competitor” (Emiya is one) has a magical servant, or someone who in their time was considered a hero and has come to help them fight and win the war. Each servant is desired by their class (or job for those who don’t follow videogames). Some examples are Archer, Beserker, Rider, etc. Emiya’s servant is Saber and the manga details their quest to succeed in the Holy Grail War.

Saber is awesome. She is a great strong female character who doesn’t need anybody protecting her butt. In fact, she’s teaching Emiya to protect his own. I like her. I love her backstory (which I’m not going to tell you about because that is spoilers). But that is my favorite part because she is such a strong character and when you figure out her true identity you will be excited because it’s cool. I promise.

Other than Saber, there are a lot of other strong female characters. On top of other servants that are female, there is also Emiya’s ally Tosaka. She is the strategist, the smarty-pants magi who owns. She’ll take on anybody and doesn’t take shit. And, like Saber, she is definitely not looking for anyone to save her butt. In fact, she’s also teaching Emiya to protect his own.

So naturally, I got drawn into this series and not satisfied by what was available, I looked up spoilers for myself. So I already know that this series is going to turn awesome. Trust me, so hopefully you’ll trust me and read this if you are looking for something.