Fanfiction Fridays: True Love is Arguing about Go

So today I was going to bring you a fic about the Doctor finding the Master only he’s regenerated into an octopus and Amy and Rory are the most confused… but I don’t have it bookmarked and AO3 seems to be down so I guess I’ll save that for another Friday.

Instead, I bring you a true classic in the world of Hikaru no Go fanfiction: A Whole New Apocalypse by Aja. Aja is what fandom calls a BNF—for most of the 2000s, any fandom she joined was bound to get a dose of awesome writing out of her attention. Her most famous work is also her most infamous—her abandoned WIP Harry/Draco epic Love Under Will cut off on a terrible cliffhanger—but she’s written for many fandoms, and HikaGo is one of her favorites. (Her glowing recommendation on LiveJournal was the whole reason I watched it, in fact, and it remains one of my all-time favorite anime.)

Dat proprietary hand on Touya’s shoulder.

This fic is really tremendous, and I constantly return to it when I desire a dose of the pure and true go-fueled love between Hikaru and Touya. (It does have some sexy scenes, so I guess it’s notthatpure, but go with me.) It begins with Hikaru having a total sexuality crisis because he’s worried that he’s been accidentally leading Touya on despite his being not gay, thank you very much. It features awkward conversations at McDonalds (why do they always eat there between Insei sessions?), Waya as a beleaguered relationship counselor, Touya being awkward and intense and wonderful and looking totally hot even though he’s wearing a horrible pink tie, impassioned arguments over games of go, corny go similes, Ochi being obnoxious, wonderful UST and realizations, and a perfect ending.

Check out A Whole New Apocalypse here!