Web Crush Wednesdays: Grace Helbig

Who’s my Web Crush this week? It’s Grace Helbig! (WARNING! THIS IS A VERY VIDEO-HEAVY POST) If you don’t know Grace, she’s an internet celebrity who comes to YouTube via mydamnchannel.com. She has a daily vlog known as Daily Grace (how clever!) which was how I discovered her.

I don’t believe this was the first video of hers I saw, but it’s the one that made me want to watch more!

Grace is a comedian and she is definitely the kind who believes that anything is fair game for comedy. If you’re really sensitive about manners/etiquette/foul language or any political, spiritual, or religious ideology Grace will not be the person for you. I find her daily vlog to be endlessly hilarious with her irreverent humor and creative little skits. Every day has a theme except Monday which is kept open for any kind of video. Tuesdays are “Commenting on Comments.”

I want to be hazed so badly!! I love the on-the-spot nicknaming. Aside from that I enjoy seeing the kind of things people say on the internet which is always surprising and funny, and I love that she interacts with her fans. She could ignore comments, or get overly defensive at rude ones, but instead she uses her sense of humor to engage with her “viewsers”.

Wednesdays are Reviews!

I love this show and her review is so accurate.

Thursdays are Tutorials!

I love when she teaches us something like this, though I must say I prefer her cooking tutorials because first off, I love the food network! Cooking shows are super entertaining to me, plus I love her invented recipes, “facts”, and how her cooking style of “I have this idea and I’m not sure how to make it happen but damn it, I’mma try!”

And Fridays are seeeeexxxxxxxyyyy

But daily vlogging just isn’t enough for Grace or her fans! She’s also part of the web series “My Music Show” which airs every Sunday and has special weekly features:

It’s a pretty funny show. Sometimes I think the characters are too cliché (I know that’s the idea behind it, but even so) but it’s still funny. Also, Felicia Day has guest starred on an episode, though I won’t tell you which one. You’ll just have to find out!

She hosts MyDamnChannelLIVE on Thursdays:

And her guest star in this episode is Michelle Vargas, with whom she runs the channel Grace ‘n’ Michelle:

And she does spots for “Attack of the Show” on G4

Grace is a busy, busy lady and I love her. It’s a damn good thing I didn’t come across her before I graduated or I never would have gotten any work done! If you have come to love her then you’re in luck because she’s EVERYWHERE on the net. YouTubefacebook, tumblr, and twitter.

In closing, because there just aren’t enough videos in this post, here’s one of my absolute favorites: