First World Cosplay Problems

So a while back, Lady Saika, another friend, and I thought of starting a tumblr specifically about cosplay problems. Needless to say, I got as far as creating the page and haven’t done anything since. But yesterday it occurred to me while attempting to shop for a costume that it is blog writing material.

My friends and I are doing ponies-as-people cosplay and I am Pinkie Pie. Right now I have shoes and a wig (which came in the mail literally twenty minutes ago). The thing with doing a costume that allows for a lot of freedom is that too much freedom can be a bad thing. And by bad thing I mean trying on every piece of pink clothing in the store. Some of them at the same time. I sent a picture to Lady Saika (who I believe was horrified) asking whether I was wearing enough pink (she said “omg yes” by the way).

So my problem wasn’t finding pink clothes (pink is apparently ‘in’ this year) but the right pink clothes for Pinkie Pie without putting her in an outfit which would make Rarity cry that was still Pinkie. Yesterday I didn’t find one. But I still have time before Otakon so I’m not going to start worrying just yet.

5 thoughts on “First World Cosplay Problems

  1. Cosplaying ponies can be tricky- I’m working on an outfit for Spitfire for BronyCon & I have found it surprising difficult. Would you happen to have any suggestions?

    • You really have to know the character. If you are trying to do something like Spitfire in casual clothes, you need to ask yourself ‘is this something Spitfire would actually wear?’ If yes, hang onto it and if no, put it away. If your answer is ‘I don’t know,’ then it’s probably not what you want.

  2. HA! That’s totally my picture of Pinkie! Spreading all over the Internet, she is!


    I dunno much about cosplaying, so i can’t really help you, but i wish you good luck in your search for a costume. Happy hunting!

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