Anime Review: Black Butler Season 2

I am already aware of the heap of trouble I’m getting myself into by writing this. So no cursing me out after this post, okay? Pretty please? Also, don’t read this if you actually want to watch the second season. Because my advice is you should not watch it. And I’m not joking. If you liked S1, do not watch S2 because it will make you cry tears of anger.

My impression of S2 of Black Butler: basically people loved the first season which ended so beautifully and succinctly that we obviously needed to reopen the very much sealed can of worms and do another season. If a series ends as beautifully as that, we do not need another season. If we wanted more Black Butler, do a different kid with a completely different butler. As much as I love Sebastian, Ciel, and the rest, I was happy knowing that their time came to a perfect and beautiful ending.

Another reason the second season exists: Ciel was never dressed as a pirate in the first season. Also we needed Soma and Agni as Sherlock and Watson. And Ronald needed to make an appearance. Moments like these I found enjoyable. I’m not going to say the entire season was garbage because it did have its moments, like the costume party episode. And Sebastian posing for photos for Grell. But we didn’t need an entire extra season for maybe one episode’s worth of good things.

I’m doing the things I didn’t like in bullets because paragraphs are long. And these bullet points aren’t exactly in an order.

  • The worst personality of the year award goes to Alois! He is a brat. Ciel is also kind of a brat, but Ciel is surrounded by cray-cray people who bring in the hilarity and is trying to work hard and do things about his life. Alois is surrounded by robots (Claude and those triplet people) and is too busy having a pity party for himself to try and change anything about his miserable life. I die on the inside every time I see an Alois cosplay.
  • Back to Claude being a robot. The above GIF? Claude doesn’t exactly have the personality to pull that off. Other than the cray-cray obsession with Ciel’s soul and his brilliantly horrendous plan to do some soul merging. Because merging souls always sounds like a good idea. I die a little on the inside every time I see a Claude cosplay.
  • I die on the inside every time I see a cosplay from the second season.
  • Memory wipes do not solve problems. You cannot just allow the second season specifically because Ciel “forgot” the first season happened.
  • No Pluto. Maybe it’s because I have an unnaturally strong love for dogs, but this made me very sad.
  • Hannah. There are just no words. Way to screw everything up, especially when at first I liked you and then you had to go make everything crazy stupid.
  • The ending. What was that?! That was the saddest, stupidest ending ever. That’s not an ending. That sounds like a really bad reason to make S3. It has nothing to do with the storyline of the manga, not to mention no one ends up happy.

So I hated the second season of Black Butler. Don’t watch it if you know what is good for you.

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  1. Haha, I was going to watch Season 2 because I have heard many things about it, but by reading this review, I understand that it is terrible. Although, the GIF at the top cracks me up everytime I see it. I agree with the whole bit on Alois and Claude. They are both just…No…No words can describe my dislike for them.
    Thank you for the fantastic review~!

    • You are welcome! See, I was told by my friend (Lady Saika) not to watch it and did not listen to her advice. I’ve regretted it ever since.

        • I love season two and the anime in general
          But u can have ur own opinion but TBH I don’t like Alois but as always they had a great story. I also feel bad for Alois becuase of his past. But ciel and Sebastian will always. Be better

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. The second season was awful, and i only wish i read this before i saw it. I literally cried at the end, because i was so frustrated by how awful the story was. very actuate review.

    • I know it was a total horror scene, but thinking about it now I believe some of the better moments were during season 2. (ex. costume party, ronald, grell with the camera)

    • hahahaha i couldn’t agree more! the Manga is way better and i had high expectations for season two.. i so hate it! i hope thats not the ending in the manga. I feel bad for sebastian! poor demon! no soul no food but servant forever!

      • I agree with you, I also felt bad for Sebastian he became a butler and did embarrassing stuff just to eat Ciels soul but he got nothing in return

  3. um ok so i really REALLY love the manga, and the season 1 was good despite the confusing deviation from the plot, and I’m about halfway thru bb2, but I only just looked up reviews and everyone is saying to NOT watch this…but i really want to cos I always want to know everything that happens…
    My question, will this ruin black butler for me if i watch it??? I got over fma afterall…

  4. Lol I know not to watch it now. Thank you very much, madam! Oh, and Pluto wasn’t there because they killed him in season 1, remember (memory wiped don’t work on death sadly)

  5. Gah, I watched it T^T I just finished watching it and im crying my eyes out cuz it ended right there Y_Y Wishing there was a season 3 Y_Y SOOOO UPSET! THEY JUST ENDED IT RIGHT THERE WITH THEM JUMPING OFF A CLIFF TO THE UNDERWORLD!!! gah, I wish i read this earlier, now im frikin upset >.>

  6. Watched season 2 up until the kid pokes his maid’s eye out. Then I was done with it. I was actually excited at first.

      • EXACTLY what I did! I mean I was a little confused at first, like i thought they replaced Ciel with the blonde kid and Sebastian with Claude, only with the blonde kid with a horrible personality… so I looked this up, and I think im done with season two…

  7. im only about 4 epi’s into season 2 and i am already is ciel acting like he never met grell..whay is (wont mention his name to not do a spoiler) back cuz um..wasn’t he killed off..i was thinking maybe they did season 2 to add more missing pieces to season one..i dont know..its just all so wierd already..

  8. Exactly! Also I found it unnerving that Ciel didn’t care one bit that Sebastian was suffering at the end. The least he could do would be to let him go.

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  10. I actually liked season 2 …I did ball my eyes out though. . So much crying …but I’m happy ciel and Sebastian get to be together forever…..but I feel bad for Sebastian …no food for sebby ;-; ….I know I’m gonna get a whole lot of hate but…I liked the season…and the first season ending made me wanna jump out my window . So it made me a little happier knowing that Sebastian will have no other master and ciel is a demon .Don’t hate me ;-;

  11. Yes. I loved the Black Butler anime Season 1. The ending was beautiful. the covenant was fullfilled and everything was right. Yeah.. Ciel lost his soul but he got his revenge. That’s what he wanted. He sold his soul to Sebastian. Then all of the sudden.. Alois has the screw everything up. AND Claude AND

    • Hannah. They screwed EVERYTHING up. I hate them. -,- But I hope the manga series will.. redeem my hope for Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis. I hope they’ll fulfill their covenant.

  12. I just pretend that there was never a season 2 and 3 and say it ends at 1!!!

    That’s how IT’S SUPPOSED TO GO D:<!!!

  13. Okay this is probably going to sound stupid but unfortunately I’ve watched the second season and in the episode I think it’s black butler, where Sebastian punches through ciel, does Sebastian get ciel’s soul? Because then it shows ceil alive and as a demon I get that but I just don’t understand y Sebastian would be there still? So my questions, did Sebastian ever get ciel’s soul? And Why is Sebastian still ciel’s butler?

    • Ok, so I realize you posted ur comment 2 yrs ago, but I still feel the need to respond so here’t goes:

      No, Sebastian doesn’t get Ciel’s soul. That was one of the stipulations of the contract Alois’ made with Hannah. Alois is pissed ’cause all the demons want Ciel and not him, so to punish both Claude and Sebby he demands that they must have a duel for Ciel’s soul and the loser dies and the winner gets Ciel but the catch is Ciel will “wake as a demon” (so he no longer has a soul). I don’t know how the eff Hannah manages to pull all this off in order to fulfill the contract but it is said earlier in the season that she is a very powerful demon so, there ya’ go.
      As for why Seb is still Ciel’s butler: before Alois took control of Ciel’s body Ciel gave Sebastian a command, something like: “you will remain my butler until you take my soul”. So because he can’t EVER take his soul he is stuck forever fulfilling that one freakin’ order. It really blows for Sebastian.
      I imagine there are at least a few lawyers in hell though, he really should get one to look into the conditions of human/demon contracts, I’m sure they could find a loophole to get him out of this one.

  14. For me, I actually watched black butler season 1 first before reading the Manga. I was pretty hysterical about the ending for the first season and straight away started watching season 2. After about five minutes into the first episode, I was pretty confused and thought that they had switched characters for good. After researching and finding out about how Ciel and Sebastian would still be the main characters but only start really appearing in episode 2 onwards, I went to read the reviews and found out how much people disliked season 2.
    I decided to start reading the Manga instead, for many people said that it was way better than the anime and boy were they right. The manga portrays their relationship so much better and I love the ship and school arch so much (The green witch one is kinda dragging for me…) The circus and Murder arcs were good too- super happy about how the anime for that turned out. Anyway, after all that I was still curious about season 2 and went ahead to skip and watched only the very last episode of it. I also went to read many people thoughts and summaries for season 2. I must say I’m pretty happy that I didn’t watch it, especially seeing how unhappy Sebastian seems to be about getting stuck as Ciel’s servant for all eternity. Ciel’s my favourite character and of course I do not want him to die, but really, couldn’t there have been a better ending for the both of them? I really like to think that they did learn to care for one another as the stories went by. If you read the manga, it actually shows a few times that the two do care for each other and not just because of the contract. I’m really excited to see how it all turns out in the end although I hope the Manga doesn’t end anytime soon.

  15. I got 2 minutes into episode 1 on BB season 2…I couldn’t get any farther. I cried on the inside. Season one for life!

  16. Season one was so beautifully written and then season 2 just blew. I feel like even if they REALLY wanted to include Alois (i dont know why they would but ok) then there were far better ways of doing it. Not only that but they tried to hard on S2. You could tell with all the filler episodes like the ciel in wonderland bit (what the hell?) and i just agree

  17. This is very accurate. I understand that endings are not necessarily supposed to be happy but they could have kept the ending clean by killing Ciel in Season 1. Even if the contract was fulfilled, the ending wouldn’t even have necessarily been happy because while Sebastian would have had his feeding on Ciel’s soul, London would still be in ashes and Pluto would be dead. The second season was messed up and added more nonsense to a show which was already deep and thoughful. If they really wanted to make a Season 2 then they could have continued the story in that world using the demons and whatnot, especially characters with a double-edged personality. The Season 2 characters may have had problems but they had no real attractive qualities making them relatively one-sided.

  18. I love the first season, but i hated alois and claude. I did like the ending though, it makes me want a season three. The problem was they didn’t do well explaining his memory loss, and why was lao (spelling ye?) still alive? I thought he died and i was very confused….

  19. So So So wrong in every level of this ending part. I was actually angry and sad for Sebastian… Gosh, the writer obviously had no mercy for demon?!!

    I feel so annoyed after watching the season 2 ending.
    So depressing…

  20. I really enjoyed the second series 🙂
    I mean it wasn’t as good as the first, but I loved the ending! All Sebastian wanted was to eat some soul, but he ends up being tied to his master for eternity with the thing he wants most of all always dangling in front of him just out of reach! And all because of ciels order to eat his soul!

    • Right!
      It’s ironic ’cause Ciel gave that order to affirm that Sebastian was the only one who rightfully gets his soul and Sebastian was like “Yeessss!” yet it’s that very order that screws him over in the end.

  21. I also believe that the second season was trash I hated how alois and Ciel shared the same body! I hated Claude trying to steal ciel from subastion all the time.
    I think season 3 if they made one should be about how ciel is as a demon like is he making deals himself now and learning a few things or is subastion training ciel .

    • I think you are right, for the third season thing. The fact that Ciel becomes a demon is not that terrible. But the story … It is. I mean, Alois could have been good. But not in this way. And Claude, who becomes obsessed with Ciel…
      The story… It’s the story that isn’t good… Confusing and not good. If Sebastian had ated ( IDK IF THIS IS RIGHT, I am not English ) Ciel’s soul, it could have been reaaally sad. 😦 Ciel becoming a demon is confusing but not awful. The could have put a different story.
      I saw that as a transitional season. They can’t just make Ciel do nothing for all his eternity… God, nonsense. Put a third season there.

  22. AARRGGGHH.. We’re in same boat. i hate the ending so much. and if you see the ending, Ciel become so cocky to sebby chan. and then Sebby will hungry forever. i should have stopped in season 1.

  23. I thought Season2 was pretty messed up and weird and the ending broke my heart into a million pieces (poor Sebastian!). Even so, I enjoyed the heck out of it. Thing is, season 1 is outlandish, over the top and consciously cheesy, but also incredibly emotive. I felt in season 2 they upped the weirdness ante but still did a good job maintaining the other factors: the hilarity, the incredible characters, “the feels” that got me hooked on season1. Heck, I don’t know, maybe I’m just easy to please. All I know is that Black Butler: all 3 seasons, is still my fav anime of ANY I’ve watched.
    I also love the Manga. Seriously, I’ll take any Black Butler I can get XD

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