Trailer Tuesdays: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

It’s Trailer Tuesdays! This week’s trailer is Seeking a Friend for the End of the World!

Okay, so I’m stretching it a bit with this trailer as it barely falls into the geek genres that we love so well. It’s the end of the world, but there are no zombies, no satan, and no killer plants (thank God). There is an asteroid coming to destroy the earth, but Bruce Willis will not be going up into outer space to stop it. It’s going to kill everyone in three week’s time. Seems like a perfect setting for a romantic comedy, right?

I’m not good with romantic comedies. Sure there are some that I like: Harry Met Sally, You Got Mail, and What’s Your Number (naked Captain America, ladies!). But though these movies usually make me go, “Aw!” They don’t usually keep me interested, especially in the relationship.

But I’ll admit I think this one will. A romance at the end of the world seems really fun and interesting, and while I can’t say I’m going to see it in theaters I do look forward to renting it at some later date.