Fanfiction Fridays: A Pause in the Air by The Angst Guy

Today I had planned for you a glorious redemption of the Sonic fandom by finding a multi-chapter fic void of OC’s and with mostly correct grammatical syntax. However, after wading through about 10 pages of absolute shit I quickly discovered that this search was harder than finding the Holy Grail and that it wouldn’t be done in time for today. You’ll just have to wait until later. All is not lost, though! Today I bring you a fic from a series that even I don’t think really needs fic.

Today’s story is from Daria, and most anyone aged 20 and up knows about this series and how it essentially defined a generation with its scathing apathy and cynicism towards teenage life in the 90’s. Although there were certain flaws with the series (coughTOMcough), it’s as close to a perfect series as I’ve ever seen. My family actually gets together to watch the DVDs, and with our widely differing tastes, that’s saying something. Since the show relies more on a vignette format as opposed a legit continuous plot, it may be hard to figure out what aspects remain “canon” enough to include in a fic or what would stick with the characters but this fic uses this aspect to its advantage. A Pause in the Air by The Angst Guy separates itself into 10 different sections that are loosely connected, but gives enough time in between the “chapters” that the audience is not bored with mundane details. And really, this story is all about the mundane details in life that end up being not so mundane.

This story is set just a little bit after the events of the Daria movie with Jane and Daria being an actual couple. The first story takes place during a Thanksgiving meal at the Morgendorffer’s home. There’s obvious tension over the girl’s recent civil union however there is another surprise in store for the family. I feel as though if I say anything, it’ll ruin the experience so I’ll keep this brief. There’s nothing supernatural or anything too horridly dramatic (except in the second to last part): this story is all about exploring the facets of this relationship and how it impacts the families involved and in general the apathy and soul searching that comes during college. The Angst Guys’ story is very dialogue intensive, but he does a wonderful job of keeping all the dialogue in-character. I can hear the characters’ voices saying each and every line and it just makes the story that much more gripping. It’s a slice-of-life drama that’ll make you laugh, make you cringe and possibly bring a tear to your eye. But, it’s something that will stick with you long after you read it.


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