Trailer Tuesdays: Continental Drift

So this may come as a surprise, against my better judgment, I have never seen an Ice Age movie. I’ve watched bits and pieces here and there, and though I’ve liked what I saw, I have never sat down for a full viewing. And that will probably be the case between me and this movie. Regardless of never watching Ice Age, I’ve always thought that they looked both harmless and fun, and that’s what I think about Continental Drift, judging from the trailer.

I don’t even think it’s stupid kid humor. From what I’ve always been able to see in any Ice Age trailer, it’s always looked like humor that’s appropriate for children but that people of all ages can enjoy and relate to, such as the whole parent-hugging joke.

Of course, I am a little concerned that these characters aren’t going to make it too much longer. How many ages have these guys lived through, anyway?

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