Web Crush Wednesdays: Carlos Pena Jr.

I am beyond excited to talk about this week’s Web Crush, a certain wonderful member of a boy band with which I may or may not be completely obsessed: Carlos Pena Jr. of Big Time Rush.

Carlos is such an open and exuberant human being. He has a joy for life that is beautiful and a love for his fans that is really heartwarming. All of the BTR guys are responsive to fans and appreciative of them (or should I say “us”?) but I feel Carlos is possibly the most open and present online. He’s constantly tweeting updates on things like filming, rehearsals, or even vacations and his youtube channel is full of behind-the-scenes videos and ways to interact with and include fans in his career and even his personal life.

It’s something he doesn’t have to do, but he chooses to do so to let us experience as much as we can about the band and what they do and I love him for it. He could easily spend his free time resting or letting off steam but instead he uses it to make sure the fans are being included in what’s going on and kept abreast of any news.

When he first opened his youtube channel he started doing these fan e-mail videos every Friday. He didn’t keep up with this schedule for too long but I understand he’s got a crazy schedule and overwhelming amount of e-mails. I hope he’ll go back to them eventually, maybe after the summer tour finishes and he gets a chance to breathe, but if he doesn’t it’s definitely not something I’ll hold against him. He does enough for the fans!

I love seeing the guys messing around while filming. “Big Time Rush” honestly seems like the most fun show to work on and that joy definitely comes through in the episodes. The cast’s chemistry shines and makes an already good show that much better.

Now you know I have to post this:

Yes, the video which made “Call Me Maybe” a hit! Now, I’m not delusional. I know the reason this video blew up and had more hits than the official video was because of Justin Bieber and probably to a lesser extent Selena Gomez being in it, but it was still Carlos’ work and I want to give him the credit he deserves for putting it together.

Plus I just love it! I love seeing these celebrities letting their hair down and just having fun with each other. Makes them seem so much more real.

He doesn’t just share the joy, though. He opens up and is honest with whatever is happening in his life, including his breakup with his girlfriend Samantha Droke. Again, I want to emphasize that he does not need to do this but is willing to put himself out there in the interest of transparency with his fans, to let us know where he is mentally, emotionally, etc. I love that he also encourages the fans to be supportive not only of him, but of his ex as well. While I do believe the BTR fandom is overall a loving and generous one, it’s true that many react negatively whenever the guys are romantically linked with someone and he shows his maturity and sensibility by trying to diffuse the potential hatestorm that could be sent Samantha’s way.

Carlos also has tried his hand at directing and recently made his first music video (not counting the above, obviously) for his friend/guest star/opener Rachel Crow:

I am really impressed by this. It’s creative, well done, and I just marvel over how labor-intensive! He and Rachel worked very hard on this and I think it paid off with a beautiful finished product, worthy of the beautiful song which I probably wouldn’t have heard had Carlos not promoted it.

I really just find Carlos to be a spectacular human being. He’s loving, loving, and loving. He loves his family, his friends, his fans, and he is never hesitant to show that love. If you’d like to share in the joy he spreads, I suggest you subscribe to his youtube and follow his twitter.

And in honor of America’s Independence Day today:

Beautiful. Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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  1. True Story: My mom and I were talking in our kitchen about how no one could sing the national anthem when this came on live in another. We immediately stop what we are doing to go listen because BTR was so good.

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