I woke up early this morning to watch a livestream of a special 20th Anniversary event for Sailor Moon. I don’t speak Japanese so I just watched it for the sake of seeing the voice actors, but I know enough Japanese to understand the phrase “Shin Sera Muun!” Then Miss Dream (one of the fan translators for Sailor Moon media) confirmed on twitter that there is going to be a new anime produced!

I’m so excited!! I can’t even believe this news. They said there would be a big surprise announcement at the end of the event but I never anticipated it being this big!

Miss Dream has also said that Mitsuishi Kotono and Furuya Tohru will be reprising their roles as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask!


Keep an eye on for a full translation of the event.

ETA: This seems to be the New opening Theme:

3 thoughts on “OMGOMGOMG

    • Isn’t it??

      I must admit I’m a little bit wary, mostly of how the show will actually look. I love the original character designs and classic cel animation and am not too wild about the way most anime look today in comparison. If the new artwork emulates either the original anime or Naoko’s illustrations I’ll be happy, but if not it’ll definitely be difficult to connect to new depictions of these characters with whom I’m so attached.

      But it’s exciting for new products, merchandise, (OMG MAYBE NEW MUSICALS) and for the story to be more faithful to Naoko’s intent! Just the fact that something so big is happening for Sailor Moon makes me giddy.

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