Anime Review: Tiger and Bunny

Lady Bacula: Words cannot adequately describe how much I love this anime, not going to lie. But before Lady Saika and I get into exactly why we love this anime so much, please observe the picture to the left that has been my desktop background for the last 2–3 months.

This story follows Kotetsu (green shirt), aka Wild Tiger, and Barnaby ‘Bunny’ Brooks (red jacket) who are partners in the giant superhero reality TV show. Yes, in the Tiger and Bunny world, there are superheroes who go fight crime and compete against each other for the most ‘saves’ on reality television. (I wish this was a real show because I would definitely watch it.) They have very different personalities and principles so the anime follows their adventures together as they try and save the city and figure out Barnaby’s past (since he forgot some pretty important parts of it, like who killed his parents).

Lady Saika: Wow, you summarized that… far better than I think I ever could have.

Lady Bacula: One thing this series does better than almost any other series that I’ve watched is they’ve incorporated flashbacks really well. Bleach had an entire arc of flashbacks, Naruto is all flashbacks all the time, but this anime incorporated enough flashbacks to explain what was going on without beating us over the head with them.

Lady Saika: But anyway, why do we like this show so much? Let us count the reasons for you.

Likes: First of all, the idea for the show is new and different, and I didn’t feel like I was being bombarded with shounen anime tropes while I watched it. Funny, thoughtful, mostly realistic characters, actual moral conflicts, and a bittersweet ending. Kotetsu’s daughter Kaede Kaburagi, who is adorable and could be an annoying Mary Sue but totally is one of my favorite characters. Fire Emblem being more than a flaming stereotype even though he’s trying really hard to be. The show gave enough character backstory so that you cared, but not so much you felt bombarded. There were awesome villains with crazy hair. Magic plot twists don’t always save the day, except when they do. And Kotetsu and Barnaby need to get married. (Or maybe that’s just me.)

Dislikes: The Dragon Kid episode where they were like “oh, you don’t have a feminine personality? Don’t be yourself! You should pretend to be more girly so your parents are happy.” And I guess some other stuff.

Lady Bacula: I didn’t like that episode either. But that was the only one I actively disliked. Besides general plot directions that made sense but made me sad. (Sorry, I’m not putting mad spoilers in this like I usually do!)

Also, in case anyone was wondering, Kotetsu and Barnaby have a Dean-Castiel relationship. So yeah they should just get married.

Lady Saika: Ha! It’s not just me!

Lady Bacula: This series has a lot of stereotyped things (like Fire Emblem) but I think the stereotypes are used to make fun of stereotypes. Another example is Sky High (another hero) who has more of a hero complex than Naruto and America (from Hetalia) put together. I think the cray-cray stereotyping was so over-the-top because they were reality TV show stars where everything is over-the-top to begin with, and each character has their own side story to contrast with their TV persona. Also, each character is so drastically different and so extreme in their stereotype that they can somehow overcome those stereotypes and work together (I don’t know if that made sense to anyone else but me).


Lady Saika: A couple of warnings to those who have been sucked in by our excellent reviewing skizills: first, the show starts off a little slow, but as anyone who enjoys My Little Pony will tell you, you should never judge a show by its first one or two episodes. Second, there are several plot strands that are not tied up at the end, but the show acknowledges this, and the first of what appears to be several Tiger and Bunny movies premieres later this summer in Japan, so I have high hopes they’ll be taken care of.

I watched and immensely enjoyed the sub, but if English is more your style, the full dub cast has just recently been announced. It looks pretty solid, so I won’t warn you off of it.

Lady Bacula: And major props to the series for having a gay black guy in case you guys missed that.

The music is baller. I know soundtrack/opening/ending themes aren’t something we usually delve into, but they are all awesome in this show. Especially the first opening.

Lady Saika: Truth! Love that song.

Lady Bacula: This series also uses computer graphics well to create a 3D feel and the costume/robot suits.

Lady Saika: And the animation in general is beautiful, even taking into consideration that I’m spoiled by the Quality Freaking Animation ™ of long-running shows like Bleach.

Lady Bacula: Oh, and another thing that pisses me off is Blue Rose, another one of the heroes who is (as Lady Saika likes to put it) the hair and the boobs. She does have more of a personality than your typical hair and boobs, she still needed to have similar proportions to a Barbie doll. And the Pepsi Next commercials in every episode are so cute and fun.

Lady Saika: True fact, when I saw the American Pepsi Next commercials I was pissed she wasn’t in them.

But anyway, we’re getting a little rambly here and wasting valuable time you could be using to watch Tiger and Bunny! People who’ve already seen it, did we forget anything that makes this show awesome? Did we leave out something you disliked? Let us know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Anime Review: Tiger and Bunny

  1. I remember reading a review of Tiger and Bunny that said this (putting superheroes on a reality show) is what would really happen if we discovered people had super powers. The parody elements is what drew me in, but the show’s serious side is what kept me watching. That and Kotetsu, who is breath of fresh air from your typical shounen action hero.

    • Kotetsu was my favorite part of the entire anime. For a really long time I just wanted to smack Barnaby in the face, but then he changed and that made me happy.

  2. I have only watched a couple episodes but I dislike how nothing at all has happened between tiger and bunny I’m only at episode 4 and neither of ’em have even thought about it! in several other gay anime they get together before episode 4 and they go through several problems which is the opposite of this and that’s why I think it sucks!!!

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