Trailer Tuesdays: Man of Steel

I want this to be a good movie. I want it so badly, but the past has taught me that Superman tends to do well in every other medium but the big screen. The last Superman movie flopped, and the ones before that—oh God, they were terrible. The first two were okay, I suppose, but by the fourth one, they got unbearable.

As Lady Geek Girl told me, a lot of people seem to forget that Superman is from another planet and doesn’t fit in with society all that well, and that they view him as really strong and really nice. And yeah, that does tend to be how he comes across, no more depth or personality given. From what I can tell in this trailer, Man of Steel makes it look like he’s going to have to do a lot of soul-searching and coming to terms with who he is before becoming Superman, which I’m all for. Christopher Nolan’s even working on this, so that’s a good sign right there.

I’m not sure why he seems to be a fisherman and not a farm boy. Like seriously, are they setting the film in Maine?

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